With all the exciting new talent joining our league, the Carolina Rollergirls started 2010 off with a fresh draft for your favorite home teams – The Debutante Brawlers, Tai Chi-tahs, and Trauma Queens! Our home season will be announced within a few days, so plan on coming out for our intraleague bouts to cheer on our veteran skaters and rookies.

Debutante Brawlers
Beth Row
Deviled Legs
Donna N.
Elektra Q Tion
Emma C.
Eva Lye
Kama Suture
Kim Chee-ra
Kitty Crowbar
Krewesader Kate
Kristen S.
Lady Smackbeth
Lauren W.
Lola De Roja
Lucy Lastkiss
Ms. Anthrope the Mordant
Penelope Bruz
Riva Derci
Robyn S.
Slashire Kate
Trudy Struction
Chad the Destroyer – Bench Coach

Tai Chi-tahs
Amanda F.
Ballista Blockheart
Bleedin Elle
Brandie B.
Burnadette C.
Concrete Connie
Elka Meano
Fairy Brutal
Holly Wanna Crackya
Kandi Rapper
Luv Agreshun
Maddat U
MC Fyte
Melissa M.
Pink Slip
Princess America
Shirley Temper
Stacey E.
Vita Corleone
Dr. Feelgood – Bench Coach

Trauma Queens
Amanda C.
Bianca O’Blivion
Billie Brawliday
Celia Fate
Daisy Rage
Fanta C
Ginger Clobbers
Heather W.
Iona Turbo
Jessica H.
Jo Jo Gadget
KG Bebe
Mallory Knocks
Marcie S.
Minnie Mauser
Roxxy Slide
Roxy Rockett
Silly Rabid
Tristan F.
Cody Pendant – Bench Coach

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  1. I can’t wait to see the ladies in action! Got my eye on Marcie aka Sheeza Freak! Love ya girl

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