A new season is upon us and as always a new season brings fresh faces and new home team colors all around! Did your favorite skater remain on her home team or will you need to shop for a new boutfit? Check out these power-packed teams!

Debutante Brawlers

Back row (l-r): Coach Heavy D, Mallory Knocks, Wünder, Ms. Anthrope the Mordant, Thrashley, Elektra Q- Tion, Jesse King.

Front row (l-r): MC Fyte, Kat Diablo, Mora Manipulator, Sue Yu, Pretty Reckless, Moong Chi

Not pictured: Shebola, Shok-ra, Slashire Kat

Trauma Queens

Back Row: DVS, Ginger Clobbers, Jojo Gadget, Aurora Thunder, Beth Row

Middle Row: Ava Gore, Dot Bomber, Hot Mess Express, Minnie Mauser

Front Row: Sheeza Freak, Daisy Rage, Erna Beatin, Eva Lye

Not Pictured: Coach Kelly Hurd, Caddy Compton, Blacque Eyce, Try Saratops

You will be able to see these home teams go head to head during the opening game of the February 18 and April 14 Dorton Arena home bouts and the Bootlegger b-team will match up against out of town rivals during the opening game of the September and November bouts. Your beloved Carolina All-Stars will test their skills against visiting teams during the headliner bout (beginning at 5pm) of all four Dorton dates. And you definitely will not want to miss the Got To Be NC Tournament on May 19th where four NC teams will duke it out to see who rules the Tar Heel State. You can see the All-Stars in action THREE times in one day (6 games total) for just $10- go ahead and buy those tickets here!  So just who is on the first quarter All-Star roster? Take a look!

Back: Coach Kelly Hurd, DVS, MC Fyte, Thrashley, Hot Mess Express, Aurora Thunder, Mora Manipulator, Elektra Q-Tion, Caddy Compton, Sheeza Freak, Jesse King, Mallory Knocks, Jojo Gadget, Coach Heavy D

Middle Row: Moong Chi, Ginger Clobbers, Sue Yu, Pretty Reckless, Erna Beatin

Front Row: Daisy Rage, Ms. Anthrope the Mordant

Not Pictured: Roxy Rockett

We are crazy excited for the new season and hope our fans are too! We can’t wait to see you at Dorton Arena on February 18th for our first bout of the year!

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