Pop quiz:

Where can you go for amazing local beer, delicious food trucks, unique and local artists with their wares AND your friendly Carolina Rollergirls? If you guessed Pop-Up Sunday, you get an A+! And if you didn’t know anything about Pop-Up Sunday, you do now- A+ for you too! Let me tell you a little more about what Pop-Up Sunday is all about and what you can expect when you go.

The best part of Pop-Up Sunday? All of it really, but some of my personal favorites- in no particular order:

It’s free! Whoever said the best things in life are free obviously hung out in Ornamantea’s parking lot on the third Sunday of the month.

Beer and food trucks. ‘Nuff said.

The beer proceeds benefit local charities like Marbles’ outreach program and Wake County SPCA. Remember that when making your beer donation, don’t be a cheapskate yo! No one likes cheap skates… (Get it? Roller girls?Cheap skates? Bueller? Anyone?)


You too can be as lucky as the boy in this picture if you come to Pop Up Sunday

Pop-Up Sunday is kid and dog friendly, and while I haven’t asked specifically I bet cats, lizards and other animals are welcome, too.

Speaking of kids, if you know of or have a child that wants to sell his or her handmade wares they can do so for a $5 fee that benefits a different charity each month, like The Boys and Girls Club. They get to run their own little mini business and keep all the profits. Yay for profits!

Which also brings me to small businesses and local craft-people! It’s what Pop-Up Sunday is all about and for a small fee local businesses can set up a booth and get to talk to potential customers that they may not have had a chance to meet otherwise. And if you don’t own a small business but want to support local business (and really, who doesn’t? jerks.. that’s who) this is the place to do it. Want more info about how you could be a local vendor? Check out popupsunday.com for more info.

Last but certainly not least, CRG is there! We are a lot of fun, we wear weird clothes and sometimes we give away free stuff. It’s almost like a mini circus, right in downtown Raleigh.  If you’re reading this you already know we love you and want to see your happy shiny faces, so come see us!

Sneak Peek- A little birdie told me that there was going to be a pretty freaking awesome aerial silk demo at next months event. Think long silk sheets, wrapped around a person 30 feet in the air! If you want to give it a whirl you’ll be able to try it yourself. The artist is a professional so you’ll be safe. How many people can say they’ve done that?!

In summary: Beer. Food. Local Vendors. Local Artists. Roller Girls. Charities. If you aren’t going to Pop-Up Sunday you aren’t living! Don’t forget to look for CRG in the beer tent, and donate big.

The next Pop-Up Sunday is August 18th from Noon to 5pm in the Ornamantea parking lot at 509 N. West St Raleigh NC 27603. You can get more details at popupsunday.com and don’t forget to check out Ornamantea’s website at www.ornamantea.com because where else in Raleigh can you get mini fully functioning roller skates you can wear as jewelry? That’s what I thought.

Contributed by: Lil Rosie Rotten

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