It isn’t quite Thanksgiving, but CRG has a lot to be thankful for!

Remember how CRG challenged the Charlotte Rollergirls to see which team could raise the most money for Over the Edge for Special Olympics (it was mentioned briefly here)? Well, we had an impressive 11 skaters and volunteers step up to accept the challenge and take on the task of raising $1000 each and thanks to the generosity of some awesome friends and sponsors, WE HAVE ALMOST REACHED OUR GOAL AS A TEAM!

We would like to give special thanks to Shawn Helton and Phoenix Tattoo for their generous donations to the CRG fund. Phoenix Tattoo has been a loyal sponsor for years and many of our skaters sport their artwork, so you should go there for all your tattoo needs.

We also appreciate the donation to the CRG fund by The Knightly Order of the Fiat Lux. You will remember these guys as one of our most popular halftime shows this year at Dorton. We really appreciate your support!

Lastly the CRG Over The Edge team would like to give HUGE THANKS to our friend Toona who single handedly pushed five of our team members over our fundraising goal yesterday, ensuring that CRG will have an awesome representation at this event! Your generosity is inspiring and there are lots of rollergirl hugs waiting on you when you come home!

We have less than $1000 left to raise to get our ENTIRE team fully funded and, more importantly, to give a huge donation to a cause that is important to our team. Please consider donating what you can to the CRG fund that will be split to ensure that the most skaters get the opportunity to rappel.

Just in case you were living under a rock last weekend, Eastern Regionals took place in Baltimore, MD and the Gotham Girls took first place. Thank you to Charm City and DC Rollergirls for being excellent tournament hosts! We may not have come out with as many wins as we had hoped (160-67 loss to London, 175-166 nail biter loss to Montreal, and 243-172 win over Maine), but CRG is incredibly proud of our All-Stars for playing with heart and class. THANK YOU ladies for being smart, strong, and amazing on and off the track!

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