North Carolina’s First Name in Roller Derby

The Carolina Rollergirls (CRG) are the original Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) league WFTDA_logofrom Raleigh, North Carolina. Formed in January 2004, it has been our mission to bring an alternative sport to Raleigh while training for national roller derby competition. The league operates as a non-profit 501c3 organization and is run for the skaters, by the skaters, with the support of numerous sponsors and volunteers. The Carolina Rollergirls are smart, strong and amazing women who work tirelessly to build and be a part of a successful league and roller derby community.

The Carolina Rollergirls are comprised of Ph.D.s, Master’s Degrees, attorneys, business women, architects, artists, teachers, students, and mothers, all of whom commit many hours a week to practice and physical training. When not on skates, practicing or playing roller derby, league members can found doing volunteer work. Skaters, volunteers and sponsors alike commit endless hours for the advancement of the league and the sport of roller derby.

The league is made up of local teams who compete against each other. The Chapel Thrillers, Durham Crash and Raleigh Ruckus are all comprised of local skaters from the Triangle. These local CRG skaters vie for a roster spot on one of the two inter-league teams that compete against teams from other cities. The inter-league teams consist of the Carolina All-Stars and the Carolina Bootleggers; both teams travel to other leagues for play. These inter-league travel teams take the top skaters and match them up against other WFTDA teams across the nation.

Doing Roller Derby Right

Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby is not the derby of the past; the track isn’t banked and we’ve dropped the wild theatrics and crazy antics. Staged fighting has been replaced with hard hitting take-outs and perfectly executed booty blocking. Carolina Rollergirls’ fast-dodging jammers are too hungry for points to slow down for silly acrobatics. That doesn’t mean roller derby has gotten soft; the hits get harder and harder every season, and we like to show off our talent every chance we get!

Roller derby requires skill, strategy and fearlessness. It is a game is a fierce competition, charged by a daredevil attitude and a willingness to hit your friends. We may be a mischievous crew of fun loving ladies, but when the whistle blows, playtime is over and the battle begins.

The Carolina Rollergirls are proud members of the Womens Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), which we helped form in 2004. Since joining WFTDA the skaters of CRG have and continue to work tirelessly with other roller derby leagues across the nation to standardize and promote national roller derby competition.

Roller derby is a sport for women who play life by a different set of rules. We’re proud, hard-working, independent-minded women who get the job done. Our skaters are saucy, energetic vixens who are ready to get down and derby.

Roller Derby! Live

Fans are an important part of the roller derby experience and the Carolina Rollergirls love to see your faces! Since our game is played on a flat rink surface, our fans are able to be a part of the action. The CRG skaters are fast, hard-hitting and loaded with attitude; and you can see it up close and personal.

The Carolina Rollergirls bouts are held at the Raleigh Convention Center. Check our Schedule Page for the next game and other exciting Carolina Rollergirls roller derby events.