General Event Info
Q: Is roller derby a family friendly event?
A: Yes, even with big hits, the Carolina Rollergirls make sure our bouts are family friendly.

Q: How long does a bout last?
A: Each bout consists of two 30-minute periods. With timeouts and intermission, a game lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Q: I noticed that there is a “convenience and handling” fee if I order in advance online. How much is the “fee” for each ticket and does the one ticket cover the whole double header?
A: There is a $1 service fee per ticket purchased online and the ticket is good for the entire event, both games of the double header.

Q: We purchased tickets to the event this coming Saturday, however we may not be able to make it so I was wondering if there was any way to exchange them for another date?
A: If these are tickets that were purchased on our website, we’re sorry that we can’t exchange game tickets for other dates.

Gameplay Specifics
Q: What is Booty Blocking?
A: Booty Blocking is a form of positional blocking where the defensive skater isn’t hitting her opponent but rather slowing them down by being in front of them. This usually involves putting your booty right on the skater behind you.

Q: How can I be a part of Carolina Rollergirls if I don’t skate?
A: Carolina Rollergirls has amazing volunteers who help make the league successful. Volunteers do everything from take tickets, work at our merchandise booth or as part of our track crew, greet the fans, and a lot of non-skating official work. If you’re interested in being a volunteer please email