Home Team Bout at Wheels Fun Park

The Raleigh Ruckus vs. The Durham Crash

The Carolina Rollergirls are introducing new home teams for their 10th anniversary! Come to Wheels on Sunday, April 27th at 5:30pm to catch the second Triangle rivalry: Raleigh vs. Durham. We know this is a match-up you’ve been secretly waiting for.

You can't miss the Durham Crash- they've got the shiny hineys!

 (Photo Courtesy of Joshua Craig)

The Durham Crash is coming off of a hard-fought win against the Chapel Thrillers, and you can be certain they want reign over the whole Triangle. But theRaleigh Ruckus? We all know Raleigh is the capital. Of the whole STATE. Will the indomitable Raleigh take the strength out of the Crash, or will the Durham-bred upstarts kick the skates right out from under the Ruckus?

Raleigh Ruckus is ready for the Crash!

(Photo Courtesy of Joshua Craig)

Come join the Carolina Rollergirls at Wheels and cheer for your favorite city!

(Need a ride? Catch the Bridge Bus! More info here.)

Wheels Fun Park

715 N Hoover Rd

Durham, NC 27703

Doors: 6:00pm

Game: 6:30pm

Tickets at the door: $10 adults, $5 kids

Advance tickets: Available here, $8 adults, $5 kids, special group pricing

Home team season tickets: Available here!

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