CRG held our annual awards banquet and prom night on Saturday, December 4th. The theme was “Puttin On The Hitz” and everyone looked great in their finest 1920s attire. We will post pics soon to prove that we really do clean up well, but in the meantime you can check out the winners of the Fan Favorite Awards as well as the skater awards AND have a look at the brand new 2010 Greatest Hits video that made its debut on Saturday!

Fan Favorite Awards

Crowd Favorite AND Favorite Good Girl went to Eris Discordia

Trudy Struction was the winner for Favorite Bad Girl for the second year.

Fans chose Elektra Q Tion as their favorite name.


Skater Awards

Best Comeback From an Injury- MC Fyte

Most Derby Devoted Skater- Jesse King

Stinkiest Pads- JoJo Gadget

Booty-licious- Celia Fate

Most Underrated- Bianca O’blivion

Most Improved- Erna Beatin

Best Sportsmanship- Eris Discordia

Hardest Hitter- Elka Meano

Cleanest Game- DVS

Most Fun on the Track- Luv Agreshun

Rookie of the Year- Hoss-Style

Best Pivot (Bootleggers)- Beth Row

Best Blocker (Bootleggers)- Fairy Brutal

Best Jammer (Bootleggers)- Elektra Q Tion

Best Pivot (All-Stars)- Bianca O’blivion

Best Blocker (All-Stars)- Ms Anthrope the Mordant

Best Jammer (All-Stars)- Eris Discordia

MVP of the League- DVS

Leader of the Pack (Encourages/Inspires)- Roxy Rockett

Prom King and Queen- Luv Agreshun and Deviled Legs

Most Derby Devoted Non-Skater- Evil Ed

Best Derby Widow- Evil Ed

Favorite Female Volunteer Derby Name- Eff Yu

Favorite Male Volunteer Derby Name- Ref Fried Beans

Most Colorful Bout Volunteer/Best Dressed- Juan Fantastico

Most Helpful Bout Volunteer- Mr Temper

2010 Greatest Hits Video

Special thanks to for putting together this awesome video!

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