The Carolina Bootleggers are taking on The Dominion Derby Girl this Sunday, 5pm  at Haygood Skating Center in Virgina Beach, VA.
Your Carolina Bootleggers have been busy not only with training but with traveling and playing games in 2009.
In June, your Bootleggers played a home game at Dorton, traveled to Wilmington to take on the Cape Fear Rollergirl All Stars, followed by another appearance at ECE, when they went up against The Windy City B team, the Skater Tots.

In this match up, the main attraction might come when the 2 America’s finally meet on the track. That’s right, Princess America will be playing against her sister, Duchess America, for the first time ever in this game. I’m sure these sister will be as loving as always while handing out come  some nice sibling shove!

The Dominion Derby Girls Roster is:
AmERICA The Bootyful
Ate H.D.
Big Fun
Destroyer Pants
Duchess America
Mayham N. Cheese
Pippy ongstalker
Rub-Her Ducky
The Ruffian
Thunder Lips
Texas Thai Foon

Your Carolina Bootleggers for this game are:
Luv Agreshun
Roxxy Slide
Bianca O’Blivion
Princess America
Celia Fate
Beth Row
Krewesader Kate
Lucy Lastkiss
Fairy Brutal
Kama Suture
Billie Brawliday
Riva Derci

Check back in for a final score after the game.

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  1. Final score: 73-70, Bootleggers take the victory!

    Congrats to our ladies!

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