The Carolina All-Stars will be leaving behind highs in the 60s and the N.C. State Fair this weekend to head North, taking on the Minnesota RollerGirls in Minneapolis-St. Paul. For more details, check out the WFTDA Preview from DNN.

Carolina would like to give a special shout out to All-Stars Shirley Temper and MC Fyte! Temper will be gearing up for her first game back after the successful delivery of adorable twin Brawlers, I mean boys, in June. MC Fyte tore her ACL in the Bootlegger victory over River City in March, and has successfully recovered and rejoins the All-Star roster for this quarter.

You can watch the bout online if you won’t be leaving fried ho-hos and turkey legs to make the trip to the twin cities.


Bianca O’blivion 83 // Celia Fate 00 // Daisy Rage 66 // Deviled Legs 8 // DVS 131 // Elka Meano 454 // Holly Wanna Crackya 999 // Kitty Crowbar 110 // Maddat U 256 // MC Fyte 12rounds // Pink Slip 224 // Princess America 1492 // Roxxy Slide 1.618 // Shirley Temper 56

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  1. Yay Temper and Fyte! I’m so glad to be playing with my Brawler teammates again.

  2. C-R-G! C-R-G!

    Good luck ladies!

  3. They best be puttin’ my mega-snack-care-pack to good use with a win!

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