We would like to bring your attention to some excitement happening over the weekend only a few hundred miles up the Eastern seaboard. This Saturday, August 23rd, The Carolina Bootleggers, CRG’s newly formed B-Team, will be taking on the Charm City All-Stars up in Baltimore, MD. Home of crab cakes and The Wire, Baltimore will provide our fearsome Bootleggers an opportunity to take back the crown of victory after their recent loss in Philadelphia to the Independence Dolls.

Don’t worry if you can’t make the leisurely six hour drive North to support the league. You can take your posters and pom poms to Dorton Arena in a few weeks to cheer on your highly ranked (recent national rankings place us 4th in the country) Carolina All-Stars as they take on the Tuscon Roller Derby all stars, The Saddletramps.

Please make your entry into gcal for September 13th for the Carolina All-Star game at Dorton Arena. No excuses. If you’re reading this blog, you’re in the internet tubes and can go ahead and purchase your tickets through our handy link provided on the left. Or, you know, right here. Purchase ahead of time and save four bucks off the door price, enough money to buy yourself a drink after the game. You’ll need something to help cool off after the excitement and intensity of another Carolina All-Stars victory.

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  1. fairybrutal August 20, 2008 at 7:13 pm · ·

    If any fans make it to the Charm City game from Raleigh, they are getting hugs from me!

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