Playing a sport that requires you sacrifice your blood, sweat and tears is hard. No player in CRG history knows that lesson better than Carolina Rollergirls own MC Fyte.

Fyte came in with a bang and was crowned rookie of the year in 2008.  Even through knee injuries she came back strong and determined and was awarded best comeback from an injury in 2010. I can vouch personally for this lady’s determination and drive that makes her so much more than simply a talented skater.  Holding down some of the best defensive plays that CRG runs you can recognize her easily on the track… just look for the girl holding the other team’s jammer.  I had the opportunity recently to ask Fyte some of her thoughts and insights about her derby career and what I got weren’t the answers I was expecting; but rather some impressive lessons.


PR:Why did you come to watch derby?
MCF:A friend from work saw a poster for a game. I, of course, wanted to come check it out since I had watched it as a child (and insisted I’d whip some tail at it)! From the first game I attended I thought “I can totally do this” and ” I want to do this.” It took me a while to actually start coming to the open speed practices, but I eventually did and life hasn’t been the same since…

PR: What’s the story behind your derby name?
MCF: My name is a homage to a female rapper, M.C. Lyte…and I’m a fighter (in spirit) I think.

PR: What do you do to pay the bills?
MCF: I am a water resources engineer. I can’t really make it sound exciting in a single sentence so I will leave it at that.

PR: What is your favorite off-track work out?
MCF: I swim and run some, but I started Crossfit early this year and I have fallen absolutely in love with it. It is a new challenge to conquer every day.

M.C. Fyte at Ralegh Crossfit

PR: What do you remember most from your first bout?
MCF: It was at Cape Fear with my home team at the time, the Debutante Brawlers. At one point there was a pile up and my skate came clean off somehow. It was pretty amusing.

PR: What keeps you playing this physically and mentally demanding sport?
MCF: I’m not sure how much longer I will be around or if I will be taking a break soon, but it is the love of the sport and competition that keeps me around. The sport is constantly evolving in terms of strategy, skill and training and it makes me feel like I don’t want to miss a thing. I’ve never played a more challenging sport and that is absolutely what keeps me here.

M.C. Fyte taking care of business...

PR: Do you still have any hobbies outside of derby?
MCF: I guess Crossfit is my only hobby outside of derby if you call that a hobby. Otherwise, no. I like to do different and new things all the time.

PR: What’s your favorite derby memory?
MCF: I do not have one favorite memory and as much as I love playing derby my favorite memories are off-track. I’ve formed very special relationships with teammates and I can think of hundreds of moments where we laughed until our stomachs hurt, were crying and were able to forget any stresses in our lives for just a little bit.

Team bonding at its finest.

PR: What is the most profound derby lesson you learned in your extensive time on the track?
MCF: You can disagree respectfully, never take anything for granted and you should always work hard for something you want (even if you don’t have to, you should strive to be your best). I guess these are all things I learned in life before derby, but we all need reminders sometimes to keep us in check.

PR:Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to join?
MCF: It will take a lot of work- more than you can imagine. It will be worth it. Do not be intimated. There are lots of people in CRG there to help you along and encourage you. At least give it a try to know if it is for you.
Do you want an opportunity to see M.C. Fyte do what she does best? Come out to the Skate Ranch of Raleigh, on Sunday August 5th where the Carolina All-Stars will play against Atlanta Dirty South All-Stars. Doors will open at 10:30am bout will start at 11.


Tickets are cash only, at the door. Two for $10 or one for $7.

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