Your CRG ladies will be heading West next weekend for a double dose of Western flair.

Friday, July 17th, CRG will be facing up against Portland Oregon’s own, Rose City Rollers.

Carolina and Rose City have never met on the track, so this intense battle between #4 in the West versus #4 in the East will shine a little light on how matched the East and West are to each other. Due to a fire permit issues, this WFTDA sanctioned bout will be closed to the public, but be sure to check DNN for scores and possible liveblog coverage.

Check out Rose City All Star roster

Saturday, July 18th, CRG will go up against Seattle WA, Rat City Rollergirls, ranked #5 in the West.
To compare opponents, Rat City faced Charm City at ECE on June 26 and lost by a controversy 3 points whereas Carolina lost to Charm City, in May, by 27 points.
Rat City is known for their speed and hard hits, as well as their frequent trips to the penalty box. Carolina, also known for their speed and hard hits, will be trying to one up their opponent by keeping their tempers under control and the penalty box empty.

Check out Rat City’s  All Sat roster

Carolina Rollergirls All Star roster for the weekend:

Kitty Crowbar
Elka Meano
Kelly Clocksem (Rat City game only)
Penelope Bruz
Princess America
Holly Wanna Crackya
Ms Anthrope the Mordant
Tuffy Twofits
Minnie Mauser
Pink Slip
Trudy Struction
Maddat U


Daisy Rage
Chad the Destroyer (Rat City only)

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  1. Holly Wanna Crackya August 6, 2009 at 6:21 pm · ·

    Deviled Legs played in Rose City and in Rat City

    Love your blog!

    <3 Holly

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