We have BIG news, y’all. CRG is proud to announce that we’ve moved into a warehouse space to hold our practices! It’s big, it’s empty, it’s concrete, and it’s all ours!


In the new movement of roller derby, many leagues start out renting time in an established rink, and hold practices/games there. We did this for years at the Skate Ranch of Raleigh and a short time at JellyBeans in Wake Forest/Raleigh. The next big step in a league’s career, is getting your own practice space, so that training time is unlimited. The Carolina Rollergirls have been on the lookout for a very long time and have finally found their own warehouse space!

What this means:

The biggest benefit of a warehouse is that we can practice EVERY DAY. We try our best to make it look easy, but we spend hours and hours working to perfect/improve our sport. Our new practice schedule is so pumped up it looks like a calendar on steroids—and we couldn’t be happier. As athletes, we live to skate, so we love a stretch of poured concrete that has all the time in the world for us. Plus, more practice means that your favorite Bootleggers and All Stars are going to get even fiercer; more practice means that home team rivalries will be tougher than ever.

Raleigh Ruckus vs. Durham Crash, April 27, 2014. Photo: Kathryn Walbert

We will still be bouting at other venues in the Triangle. A space has to meet certain requirements of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association in order to host bouts, and our new practice space isn’t bout-ready. We’ll continue to hold games out in the community, collaborating with local venues and rinks, which we love dearly and have been wonderful homes to us over the years.

The Carolina Rollergirls will stay true to their roots and their fans, bouting in old school venues.

Another huge benefit: derby events! With our own space, CRG can host other teams, like Collision Men’s Derby, who we are so lucky to work with. In addition to regular CMD practices, our league plans to host skater and ref clinics, as well as fun community events.

Nathan from Collision Men's Derby and Gory from CRG help lay the track for the first time in our new space.

What it takes:
The blood, sweat, and tears that go into roller derby don’t just get shed on the track—so much effort goes on behind the scenes. The incredibly dedicated CRG Board of Directors, made up of skaters and volunteers, has been searching for a warehouse for years. Seriously—years!

You might not know it, but if you’re a CRG fan, you’ve helped get us here, too. Our fundraisers, events, bouts, and merchandise sales have been helping us raise money and awareness to get closer and closer to our warehouse goal. We’ve made it thanks to your support.

You’ve been cheering us the whole way—thank you!

How you can help keep us going:

Join us: If you’re an aspiring rollergirl, we want to train you and invite you into the CRG family. Same goes for you, refs, rules geeks, and officials. We just love y’all!

Volunteer: We can always use a little help from our friends at bouts and events. Email: volunteerdirector@carolinarollergirls.com

Become a Sponsor: If you’re a local business owner or manager who wants to support us, you can sponsor us to show your love and reach a smart, loyal, local fan base.

Come on out: Check out our website, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter—and then hear about bout dates and where to join us for fun events!

See us in action: Last but not least, check out our next home team bout on July 27. See you there!

Mischief Managed, Daisy Rage and Elektra Q-Tion discuss arrangements at the new space


Scaristotle, Roxxy Slide and Aurora Thunder lay down the track.


The track, photo taken from the balcony.


Slingin Gritz, Nathan (CMD) and Eva Lye skate for the first time on the new track.










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