In the wide world of roller derby you will come across some extraordinary people. Our fans, referees, and volunteers are as passionate about roller derby as the skaters themselves. One such passionate and dedicated volunteer is our very own XX Factor.
I, Lillian Axe, caught up just after she dropped down the side of 32 story Wachovia building as part of Over The Edge -a fundraiser for The Special Olympics. (Carolina Rollergirls’ team of volunteers and skaters raised over $10,000!)

LA: Welcome back to ground level! What was rappelling down a 32 story building like? Why did you decide to do it?

XX: I have the same fear of heights that many of the others who participated do.. it is scary…especially standing on the ledge facing out then stepping over the ropes and turning around so your back is facing nothing but air. I did it because I saw my hero Celia Fate do it last year and I thought ‘what the hell I can do that!’ It isn’t out of the ordinary for me to do something radical and now I want to go to the Carolina Mountains and rappel off one of them!

LA: What jobs do you do as a volunteer? Do you volunteer for leagues other than CRG?

XX: I worked the merchandise booth for the Charlotte Rollergirls, Penalty Box Mistress for Rogue in Fayettville and inside white board for Cape Fear Rollergirls (Wilmington, NC)

LA: What’s your favorite thing about volunteering for roller derby (besides getting to watch an awesome sport)?

XX: Being around so many awesome and inspiring young (and not so young women). It is absolutely uplifting to the soul

LA: What’s the furthest distance you’ve traveled to watch or volunteer for roller derby?

XX: 2,092 miles roundtrip. I traveled from here to my sister’s place in Republic, Missouri. From there I went to Columbus, Ohio for the 2007 Eastern Regionals.

LA: What is your most memorable bout and why?

XX: The Kansas City Roller Warriors when they were ranked #1. They came to the biggest crowd ever at Dorton (up to that time). CRG beat them in the last few seconds of the final jam. It was incredible!

CRG would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for the derby love and support from our volunteers. Interested in becoming part of the CRG family? Contact
for more information.

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