2011 has started out with new ideas, and new training.
A group of skaters have been attending sessions at CrossFit Raleigh, and loving the results.

Here are some of their testimonials:

“My knees finally don’t ache.” – Elektra Q. Tion

“Crossfit has enabled me to touch my toes flat footed! AND helped my with my body awareness.” -Erna Beatin’

“I am stronger, smarter … and sexier ;)” – JoJo Gadget

“My balance & strength has improved greatly.” – Fairy Brutal

“Crossfit has helped strengthen my joints and improve my posture!” – Slick N Twisted

“I have really enjoyed CrossFit.  It’s fun and challenging.  The coaches are really encouraging and incredibly knowledgeable, not only in fitness, but in health and biology. I have appreciated all of their assistance in helping us to have a better understanding of proper form.  This will protect us from injury and gives us more extensive knowledge in training our new skaters.” – Holly Wanna Crackya

“I’ve worked with several trainers in the past 7 years of playing derby, and Christmas and Chennelle were the first to come out to observe our practices to truly understand the needs of our sport. Just from watching us train, they could see where the repetitive movements of derby create an imbalance of strengths, weaknesses, and stiff areas. Each area I find myself frequently injuring with 10 hours of practice a week is being addressed and feels much stronger and fluid after just 3 weeks. Excited! ” – Celia Fate

“CrossFit has helped me bond even more with my teammates as we work and sweat together. My overall strength, especially upper body, has improved, and it allows me to be more agile on the track.” – Ginger Clobbers

*Photos Courtesy of CrossFit Raleigh

Check out CrossFit Raleigh at their website.
Or see our favorite trainers, Kim, Chennelle, & Christmas, in person out and about at our February 19th Bout in Dorton Arena.

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