You should be planning on heading down to the Got to Be NC Derby Expo tomorrow, Saturday, May 21st!

1. Five east coast derby teams for only five dollars! That’s only a dollar a team. Amazing bargain. Or you can spend your five dollars and buy one gallon of gas. Personally, I could do way more with five derby teams than one gallon of gas.

2. New merchandise! Expo shirts and stickers made just for this fun event.

3. LoneRider beer tastes better than your tap water at home. Or anything else you have to drink.

4. There will be a giant hot dog. On skates. This is the only place in the world where you can see that happening.

5. Dorton has tornado proof tunnels which will also protect you during the Apocalypse.

6. Halftime shows include a weapons demonstration by Seibukan Aikido Dojo and demonstrations by the Knights from the Knightly Order of the Fiat Lux, Wilmington Rugby FC and Eno River Rugby Club. Bad. Ass.

7. The Got to Be NC Festival happening concurrently at the fairgrounds will fulfill all your deep fried food needs. There is also a BBQ competition on Saturday. Then you can come back and watch MORE derby!

8. Hot Mess Express may take a picture of you and then color on it with MS paint.

9. Check out the new CRG strategy of “knock all the other blockers down and build a wall” in action! Derby like you’ve never seen it.

10. And if none of those reasons work for you, here is a kitten wearing mittens. Kitty wants you to come watch derby.

Tomorrow, Saturday the 21st! Doors open at 11:30 am, first bout at noon. The Carolina All-Stars play at 4pm and 8pm at Dorton Arena. See you there!
Contributed by Kelly Marie Hurd

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  1. Little known fact, I was dancin’ when that photo was taken!

  2. I had to leave before it was over. What was the score between Carolina and Tampa Bay? Thanks. It was great fun.

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