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We have told you how joining roller derby is like beginning a new relationship, but one of our amazing new fresh meat skaters volunteered to give us an even closer look into the experience of joining CRG by keeping a diary of her first two weeks with the league.

From the diary of fresh meat, Blacque Eyce:
1/09 (Sunday)
Tryouts– It was three grueling elimination rounds with lots of sweat, falls and uncertainty. I just needed to make it through the final round. Once I made it through the last round, then I had to WAIT to find out if I was one of the CHOSEN ONES!!! I paced the blue carpet at the ranch wondering if my name would appear on the dry erase board. If it was written, then I made it. If it was not, then there’s tryouts in the summer…if they have a summer tryout. But I don’t want to wait until the summer (throwing temper tantrum)…so…I saw my naaame I saw my naaaame (in my lil girl voice!). I’m a CRG!!!!!!

photo courtesy of Karen Tam

1/13 (Thursday)
First practice– Well, I’m back from my first practice as a CRG. WOW! I don’t know how they do this all year long AND speed practice AND crossfit training! I am going to look like She-Ra by the time they’re done with me. She-Ra, the last American hero (…or was that GI Joe?). Anywho, I need to step up my game. I was SO done by the end of practice tonight that all I want to do is shower, eat and rest! Thankfully I get to rest on tomorrow, no practice WOOHOO!!!! But really, should I be resting with the body-blowing practice sessions by CRG? Uh, noh!

photo stolen from Kat Diablo's facebook

1/16 (Sunday)
The Meeting– I am sore. Practice today was just as body-blowing as Thursday’s. More exercises and drills both on and off skates. OMG! Once again, don’t know how they do it but I guess I’ll learn huh? After practice, it was time for the first league meeting of the year at Natty Greene’s (a sponsor of CRG). There were at least 30 or more of us cramped into a cozy upstairs room in the bar. Even though we were gathered in close quarters, it made the meeting more intimate. Well after all that yadda yadda, we found out our home team assignments. We received a white envelope with our names on the outside and inside there were beads matching the color of our home team, pink for Debutante Brawlers, yellow for Tai Chi-Tahs and blue for Trauma Queens (TQ). Look ma, am a TQ!

1/17 (Monday)
More Practice– So, tonight was my first practice with my home team TQ. We began by taking home team pictures with us all sporting a blue shirt, our team color. I liked the pic; it was the blue I was having issues with; to be more specific, it was the shade of blue, but I won’t comment on that (editor’s note- Eyce pulls for the other shade of Tobacco Road blue, but we still love her)… :D. Tonight we worked on skills required to pass assessments, practice makes perfect right? I am beginning to detect a pattern here…mo practice, mo practice, mo practice! It is everyday except for Tuesday and Saturday. Speed practice, CRG practice and home team practice…can you say eat, sleep and breathe roller derby! And oh yes, it’s no longer ‘And Still I rise’ but it’s now ‘And still I am sore;’ I keep hearing this will stay for a few months. HUH? What you talkin’ bout Willis?

photo courtesy of Karen Tam

1/18 (Tuesday)
Fresh Meat Orientation-Tonight was cool! A night with my fellow freshmeaters and CRG vets to fellowship. The gathering took place at Buffalo Brothers, one of our sponsors. We try to always meet/gather at a sponsor location. It’s the least we can do to say ‘thank you’ for funding our organization this year. Okay, back to fresh meat night…we received lil’ CRG pins in red/black and one in the color of our home team and Fun Dip, YAY! Also, there was a league representative from each committee providing a brief summary of the committee’s functions. We were also briefed on the league’s expectations of us and how we represent the league in public. The night was short, sweet and to the point. A nice break from the OMG practices! LOL

1/20 (Thursday)
One Week In– It’s been exactly one week since I started attending closed practices with CRG and boy am I feeling the burn!!!!! Say it with me, ‘And still I am sore!’ The CRG vets have been very encouraging and patient with us as we display looks of being dazed and clueless at times. Between you and me, I am feeling overwhelmed…5 practices a week, volunteer events, committee meetings, assessments UUUGGGGHHH! I am beginning to wonder why I signed up for this. Then I just keep telling myself, I am doing this:
1. To skate…oh, but of course!
2. To educate others about CRG and roller derby
AND (the most important one #3)
3. To participate in a sport that allows me to be a HOTTIE and a triple BBB (Bad Babe Blocker) on

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  1. Jana Hart February 8, 2011 at 1:01 pm · ·

    Black Eyce…You rock! Love you and all the CRG’s…hopefully one day I will join you. Love and hugs!

  2. Lookin’ good Black Eyce ! Good luck to you and all your CRG teamates !

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