Those of us who haven’t been in the CRG circle for very long have certainly heard the stories. Back in “the good old days” CRG was a name to be feared and skaters earned respect simply by slipping on the black and red. We know that we were the first team to ever beat a Texas team (the Hell Marys in July 2006) and we have heard about defeating Kansas in ’07 a month after they won Nationals.
But lately the stories have seemed far away as CRG has trudged through a couple disappointing seasons. There have been tough losses and more than a few players have been left shaking their heads at how to fix things. The last few months have seen our All Stars begin to gel as a team, but even the positive vibes have been tempered by near misses on the track.

Did you see that bout last night? 🙂
I don’t necessarily mean the impenetrable walls our skaters built in the back time after time or the amazing jamming we saw from Holly Wanna Crackya, Eris Discordia, and Celia Fate. That stuff was great and was most of the reason for the win (did I say win? I meant UPSET!), but I wonder if you really SAW CRG last night?
What I saw were smiles and congratulations and communication from a team that really WANTED that win. I saw every member of the bench rise on more than one occasion and begin the “CRG! CRG!” chant to pump up their teammates while they waited on the whistle to blow. And I saw the jazz hands of support come out while HWC knelt on the track waiting to find out if the last points she eked out would be enough to secure the victory. I saw players remembering what they loved about the game and a team taking its first steps back to being a winning program. I hope you didn’t miss a minute of it!

You have one last opportunity to cheer on the team as they match up against Steel City at 2pm to determine 5th place in the eastern region. Watch it on DNN here.

Contributed by Hot Mess Express.

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  1. What a great game… so many lead changes, such a hard fought game that hinged on the last jam… 127-125 Carolina!

    CRG, CRG, CRG!

  2. stabby abby September 26, 2010 at 2:58 pm · ·

    Nicely put, Hot Mess.

    There’ve been a number of squeekers like this; at the local leval as well. One where the last jam needed 14 points (AIR) and made it.

    CRG _never_ give up, _never_ lose courage. I love ’em.

  3. Mamma Wanna Crackya September 27, 2010 at 6:07 pm · ·

    Way to go girls.
    Holly, the dogs are so good!

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