How’s that for a view? That is exactly what Celia Fate, Eris Discordia, and Evil Ed will be seeing on Saturday, October 2 when they rappel 30 stories down the Wachovia Building in Downtown Raleigh! Thanks to generous donations from CRG family, friends, and fans, our skaters raised $3,732 for Special Olympics and earned the chance to participate in this craziness.

Evil Ed drops at 12:25pm, Eris Discordia drops at 12:35pm, and Celia Fate drops at 1:00pm. Please come out and support these brave skaters as they support an awesome cause!

******UPDATE: Time is not yet up for our fourth rappelling hopeful, Trudy Struction! She is over halfway to her goal! Visit her site and donate what you can to Special Olympics. Don’t you want to see Trudy hanging from a building? We do!******

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  1. Holly Wanna Crackya September 30, 2010 at 6:58 pm · ·

    so exciting!!!! how fun!

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