Sunday June 28th at 6:30pm

Day two of ECE has CRG in another heated rematch that will have both teams fighting tooth and nail for this victory.

Carolina’s first meting with the Detroit Derby Girls was at the first ever ECE, back in March 2007. Detroit was just being introduce to the nation with interleague play, only having ever played Ohio just one month before, and claiming victory. Interleague play, especially the first game, can tell a league a lot about it’s training practices: what’s working, whats not, where improvement needs to happen… etc. According to the results of the first game, Detroit felt fairly confident that they could take on any league anywhere and come out on top.

Eh.. that was until, of course, they met your fine Carolina ladies on the track.

Detroit came into the game against CRG in 2007 looking to claim a name for themselves, by taking down a top ranked league so early in their interleague career.
ECE, in 2007, CRG was slated to play both of their games on the first day. Starting out at noon against the Gotham All Stars and then 4 hours later against Detroit (DDG).

In the end, Carolina came out on top of both of them with the scores of Gotham: 115-104 and Detroit: 192-49.
Voodoo documented his travels and experience at ECE, along with a nice little recap of both games.

The second meeting Carolina had with Detroit was at Heartland Havoc, 2007 Regional tournament. After Detroit’s nail biting victory over Boston, they went on to play Minnesota to secure their place at the 2007 National tournament.
The last game for each league of the tournament was Carolina vs Detroit and the outcome of this game would decide how the teams will match up against the West Coast teams at Nationals and more importantly, who would be third place in the east region and who would be fourth.
As DNN puts it, “this bout was in a way decided in the third and fourth jams. Detroit had gotten a small early lead with Racer McChaseher starting off the bout with a 4-0 jam over Zella Lugosi, but Carolina’s Princess America ran circles around Detroit’s Bikini Killer on jam 3, putting up a 13-0 spot. With Bikini Killer in the penalty box to start the following jam, Carolina sent out rookie Holly Wanna Crackya for her first jam in interleague play, and she made a splashy debut, picking up 11 points and calling off the jam just as Bikini Killer became eligible to score points. That put Carolina up 24-4, and while Detroit made repeated runs at the 3 seed, the margin hovered right around 20 points for the majority of the remainder of the bout. On the 6th jam, Killbox kept the margin from getting out of hand with an 11-6 jam over Kitty Crowbar that moved the score to 32-15, but the teams remained almost exactly even for the rest of the period, which ended Carolina 50, Detroit 25.”
Carolina kept on top the whole game, as they did in the previous meeting 5 months earlier at ECE. However, this time they barely claimed victory over Detroit (by only 10 points) at 94-84.
Both Carolina and Detroit went on to play at the 2007 Nationals, with Detroit being eliminated in the first round by Rat City and Carolina advancing to the second round play, by beating Tucson Rollergirls in our first match up.
CRG ended up being taken out by 2007 National Champs, the Kansas City Roller Warriors and then again by the Teaxs Rollergirls, landing Carolina at a respectful 4th place ranking nationwide.

Two years have passed and both teams have evolved.
Detroit, who recently went up against Rat City, the team that eliminated them at 2007 Nationals, suffered a hard loss of 135-101.
However, Detroit has had impressive victories under their skates, many of them are to teams that are raked much lower then they are and therefore, not having an impact on their WFTDA ranking, and more importantly, may not have helped with their training efforts. It’s hard to find your weaknesses when you’re limits are not being challenged during game play.
On our side, Carolina has been staying extremely active in the past 2 years, constantly going up against teams that challenge every aspect of a derby league. When facing their 2007 National eliminators, Kansas City, back in Decemeber 2007 at Dorton Arena, your CRG ladies won this time by 1 point, in a tight fought last jam. I do believe people down at Sadlack’s were able to hear the screams and cheers from that game. What a game that was!

This 2009 game at ECE holds little value, in terms of seeding for East Coast Regionals, since Detroit is now a part of the Midwestern region, but it does hold a lot of emotion for both teams. Detroit, looking to finally claim a win over Carolina, and Carolina looking to even out their shaky 2009 win/loss meter.
Take a look at the Detroit Derby Girls roster and see whats in store for your Carolina ladies on June 28th.

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