It is probably going to happen to every derby player at some point in
their career.


Whether it’s a pulled muscle, a sprained ankle, or a fractured
collarbone, you are going to be off skates for a while.  “What am I
going to do with myself?”, you might ask.  I asked myself this
question last November when I broke my ankle teaching at Boot Camp.

There are SO many ways you can help your league (and yourself!) while
your body heals:

1.  GO TO PRACTICE.  If and when you are mobile enough, go to
practice!  There will be SOMETHING for you to do!  You can take
attendance, time the penalty box, help with equipment, etc.  If you
are a more experienced skater, you might be able to help with drills,
strategy, or training.  Watch scrimmage.  Picture yourself in that
drill.  Take notes.  Going to practice is the most important thing you
can do to stay close to your teammates and coaches.  My favorite part
has been getting into the huddle at the end of practice with all my
sweaty girls for our league shout!  “Who are we?!  CRG!!!”

We can't wait until Ballz is ready to whip her jammer around the track again!

2.  GO TO MEETINGS.  Just like practice, go to league meetings, team
meetings, committee meetings, etc.  It is important to make your voice
heard and keep up with what’s happening.

3.  USE YOUR TALENTS TO HELP YOUR LEAGUE.  You are probably already
doing this, but now you have a little extra time on your hands.  Could
you help organize an event?  Visit a few potential sponsors?  Do some
graphic design?  Research some new merch?  Even answering a few
e-mails can be helpful to your league.  I’ve been teaching skating (as
a second job) for twelve years, so I was assigned to train the Fresh
Meat at the start of this season.  It has been very rewarding, and it
helps reduce the stress of not being able to skate.

not want to attend your ongoing pity party–sorry.  They will be
thrilled, however, to hear about your recovery progress.  “My knee
moves 10° more than it did two weeks ago!”  They will also remember
your positive attitude when it’s their turn to cry at that x-ray on
the screen.

5.  WORK HARD AT THERAPY.  Want to get back to hitting those girls you
love?  Want to be on that roster to help them beat Team XYZ in two
months?  Then work just as hard at physical therapy as you would at
practice.  Do your stretches and exercises at home.  You are
responsible for a large part of your recovery.

Everyone gets injured, but you don’t have to stay isolated…stay
involved instead!

You’ll be glad you did, and so will your teammates!!

Contributed by Ballista “Ballz” Blockheart

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