During CRG’s home season, our league divides into 3 teams, Trauma Queens, Debutante Brawlers, and Tai Chi-tahs, and plays a round robin schedule in an effort to win bragging rights and the championship golden skate at season’s end. Because of its “all in the family” feel, you might think a home season game would be like a public practice session with blockers halfheartedly weaving in and out of the pack and patting the opposing jammer on the back to congratulate her on an effective juke.

You would be wrong.

During Sunday’s battle between the TQs and Debs, there were only 20 skaters to split the 60 minute bout, but the EMTs were by far the busiest people on the track. I think it is safe to say that every skater ended up with her fair share of bumps and bruises, but here is a tribute to our most decorated heroes from the weekend 🙂

Ginger Clobbers took a nice shot to the nose. The pic doesn't really do the swelling justice, but she can still breathe, so all is well!

Lotta Nerva Ana took a skate to the face, sat out her obligatory 3 jams, and went right back out!

Bianca O'Blivion got this shiner from a helmet to the face and now her boss calls her Petey.

Lady Smackbeth had an unfortunate incident with her thumbnail being ripped off during the bout. Because you can obviously not take pictures without a thumbnail, she was nice enough to draw us a picture of the tragedy.

We are thankful that none of the injuries were more serious- happy healing ladies!

Contributed by Hot Mess Express

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