With so many skaters hittin’ the track at Dorton Arena this weekend, we wanted to provide you with some early introductions with our visiting teams. Saturday, May 18th from 10am to 10pm (that’s right, 12 hours hard-hitting, fast-skating roller derby action). Your Carolina Rollergirls will be hosting a tournament-style day in which your Carolina All-Stars will be playing Charm City Roller Girls (Baltimore, MD, Killamazoo Derby Darlins (Kalamazoo, MI), and Blue Ridge Rollergirls (Asheville, NC). Here’s a small sample of the fantastic personalities are owned by the athletes you will see this weekend:

Charm City

The Charm City Roller Girls All Star team draws talent from across the Baltimore region, with skaters from DC, Northern Virginia, Frederick, and Delaware who drive upwards of two hours each way to train with the team. The team is rooted in intense physical and mental training, and the belief that together we can achieve great things.

Charm City Roller Girls All Stars

Some fun facts about the Charm City All Stars:

Holly GoHardly taught her dog to do all sorts of tricks. She is also a
dog whisperer.
Quickshot Kitty knew how to Irish dance when she was young and even danced in a parade.
Battery Operated has a sister who also plays roller derby (Julia Bondage of the River City Rollergirls).
Mr. Pistol may be the only ornamental plastering, roller derby coach who knows the word that rhymes with orange, in the world.
Colleen Best. Enough said.
Hittsburgh‘s first full-contact sport was rugby.
If you hadn’t already heard, Susy Pow is Australian.
Lady Quebeaum once sang for Oprah.
Bella Trips La’Smashya is a Zombie…well, kinda. She was pronounced dead for 7 minutes when she was 6 weeks old.
Nukin Futz is deathly terrified of standard poodles. She also finds cleaning to be calming.
I.M.Pain is not only a record holding inline speed skater, she’s also a swing dancer and knitter.
Free Radical’s great-grandfather had a ticket to emigrate to the U.S. on the Titanic. Luckily, he missed the boat.

Featured CCRG Skater:
Battery Operated (aka BOps) got her derby start with the DC Rollergirls way back in the fall of 2007. She made her way to Charm City in June, 2011. BOps is not only a skater on the All Stars, but she also skates for the Mobtown Mods, one of CCRG’s four home teams. BOps is one of five members of the league’s coaching staff and helps to develop programming and run training for the league. On the All Stars, BOps is primarily a blocker; you will often see her wearing the pivot stripe. She skates on Bont boots with Avenger magnesium plates, and Atom D-Rods are her go-to wheel. She is supported by her wonderful husband, is a total Type A personality, and loves coffee.



The Killamazoo Derby Darlins joined the WFTDA in October of 2010. They come to us all the way from Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Killamazoo Derby Darlins

Ramona D Flowers’ best friend is Shmubby, the awesomest Boston Terrier around town.
Madditude Adjustment has broken 11 bones, but none yet in her year and a half of playing derby…knock on wood.
Heckler is a nuclear engineer and can juggle.
Doobie Trap is a homegrown country girl. She loves camo.
Aly-Kate Contusions hunts, fishes, camps and loves pizza.
Neva owns 5 capes is looking to expand her cape collection.
Javelin’s daughter plays for the Damsel Dolls junior derby team. It runs in the family!
Rosie Ferocious moonlights as a stand-up comedian, Noelle Massey, when she isn’t playing derby.
Bicked Witch has a pet flying monkey and a strange fear of water.
Terrorhawk is still alive.
Miss B Haven – the name says it all.
Killamity Cate once evaded authorities for 3.1 miles on foot. That was her first 5k.
Jessie Girl helps train the fresh meat for Killamazoo.
Rockickass: I wake up. I kick ass. Repeat.

Featured Skater:
Lily St. Smear has been playing derby for 7 years and is one of the original members of KDD. She skates for the KDD Ateam and is captain of both the B team (called the Killa Crew) and the A team. She is a busy lady, running the fresh meat program and handling different fundraisers for KDD, most notably the Zombie Prom. While Lily started her derby career as a jammer, she tore her knee 3 years ago and has since trained as a blocker. Learning a new position has been an awesome experience for her.

Lily skates on Antik boots with Revenge plates and uses Atom Juke alloy wheels. She is a proud single mother of 2 boys, ages 13 and 11, and she is a hairstylist by day.


Blue Ridge

The Blue Ridge Rollergirls have been WFTDA members since February of 2012. They will be hosting a Division 1 Playoff on September 20-22nd at the US Cellular Center in downtown Asheville.

Blue Ridge Rollergirls

Lexistential Crisis #15 was an artistic/figure skater years before she started derby in 2009 with the Chicago Outfit
Punk Rotten #1977 started skating with the Appalachian Rollergirls in Boone, North Carolina
One Hit Wound Her #11 can deadlift 250 lbs
Distressa #505 has a 7 year old son and a 15 year old daughter and is an interior designer in real life
Tricki Nikki #033 has been a Girl Scout troop leader for 7 years
Cussed’em Chopher #323 is Blue Ridge’s President and a pretty pretty princess in real life
Shadow of Beth #34 has seen Paul McCartney in concert over 6 times and is on 2 of his tour DVDs
Coma N. Ducer #315 has a cotton ball phobia
Beast Coast Bruiser #808 used to live in an old buffalo barn
She Wrex #84 rescues pitbulls and grows freckles in her spare time.
Boot Scootin Bully #36 is proud to be a Texan-American
Ashevillain #10 wears a helmet when she’s on an airplane
Chief Goober #27 really has pretty blond braids
Caslamity Jane #8 eats sweet potato hash browns before bouts
Riot Crrrls #627 sends all correspondence via pony express or owls
Skelley-Tor #2 moves tractors to get ready for bouts

Featured Skater:
Skelley-Tor #2 joined BRRG in the summer of 2008. She is an orgamic vegetable grower and a residential gardener/landscaper. She spent a lot of time at the roller rink as a kid and has always been involved in sports. When she moved to Asheville and heard they had a roller derby team it felt like the right thing to do.

She skates in Antiks. Her favorite derby memory is of riding from the bout venue to the after party on the back of Cussed em Chopper’s motorcycle. She’s had a few derby injuries: a cracked coccyx, 2 concussions and a broken foot

Her prebout ritual? She sells vegetables on Saturday mornings and tries to stay as hydrated as possible until she cruises to town blasting Heart and visualizing herself kicking booty.
Bench coaches —
Trey LaTrash is head of security every year for a biker rally that is the week long home of approximately 3000 bikers. He keeps that job as R&R from derby
Lil Bit Adeline lived near Salzburg, Austria for almost a year with her future husband while he wrote a book and they toured Europe.

Come out to Dorton Arena from 10am to 10pm, Saturday, May 18th, and see all of these colorful, talent ladies tear it up on the flat track!


Contributed by Ginger Clobbers






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