Have you noticed a flock of skaters down at the end of Dorton Arena drooling over a pile skates, helmets, wheels, and pads at our bouts this year? Or maybe you’ve noticed your favorite rollergirl looking just a little bit spiffier lately? It could be she’s sporting new gear from one of our great sponsors, Derby City Skates.

CRG is excited to have Derby City Skates as our Sponsor of the Month this month!

Derby City Skates is located in Winston-Salem and is proud to be the only derby store in the Southeast. It’s owned and operated by local rollergirls who want to give fellow skaters a place to go to get gear. They offer a full line of skates, boots, wheels, bearings, plates, gear and everything a derby girl needs as well as remounting and regrooving services.

We caught up with Derby City Skate’s amazing owner, Susan, to get the inside scoop.

What made you decide to open a skate shop?

I’m a skater myself and in the process of getting my gear I couldn’t believe there was nowhere local to buy gear. My first gear came from an online store, and as most skaters know, skate gear can be fickle. I asked the owner what happens if it doesn’t fit and he responded “Oh you can return it, you just have to pay the shipping and a 15% restocking fee.” I saw a need for a touchy-feely store. I said ”someone needs to do it, might as well be me”. I have a background in business, so I got my family’s support and went for it!

Just one example of Derby City Skates wonderful and colorful selection of gear!

How did you get involved with skating?

I’ve always been a skater, I’m 52 years old and grew up in New York in the height of the disco phase. I read in the local paper about the Camel City Thrashers and couldn’t imagine anything I’d want to do more. Before my 50th birthday my kids asked me if I was going to do something crazy to celebrate 50 and I said “yes, I’m trying out for roller derby!” And now my 20 year old daughter also skates on my team. We’re one of the only mother-daughter teams in derby.

What’s something your customers don’t know about you?

We are truly a full-service, 24/7 derby shop. We will meet anyone day or night  and we will ship anywhere in the US for free. We will hunt down anything that someone wants even if we don’t carry it normally. Bottom line- if we don’t have it, we’ll get it for you! We just want our skaters to be happy!

Derby City Skates and the Honey Badger even set up shop at CRG home games at Dorton Arena!

What’s been the best part of opening Derby City Skates?

That’s easy…meeting the most amazing people! I’ve never been in a community more open, diverse and welcoming. I love making people happy. Skating is a huge investment and people need things to fit right. It’s so satisfying to see people try things on and get exactly what they want and need.

I also love getting to see amazing teams and derby! I love watching the sport evolve.


You can find Derby City Skates at their shop in Winston-Salem, online at http://www.facebook.com/DerbyCitySkates or at CRG’s home bouts.


Contributed by Shae D. Character

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