CRG Celebrates 10 Years, Unveils New Logo

10 years strong. Who are we? CRG! Happy Birthday, Carolina Rollergirls! It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years!


With a new era upon us, the Carolina Rollergirls decided to rebrand the league as a part of celebrating our history, as well as a way to kick off our next decade. Our previous logo was designed by Eva Lye – back when it all began.  After forming in January of 2004, the Carolina Rollergirls have had quite a rich history. In 2006, we went to the first ever WFTDA National Tournament in Tuscon, Arizona, dubbed the “Dust Devil.” We’ve been invited to a regional or divisional tournament every single year since then, competing against the world’s best including London and Montreal. Our previous logo has seen us fly across country from Portland, OR to Portland, ME and almost everywhere in between. The Carolina Rollergirls and our original logo have made us one of roller derby’s most recognized brands.

While our previous logo served us well and created much brand recognition, we felt it was time to move into a new era. At the beginning of 2014, our 10-year anniversary, we opened up a contest to all of our talented graphic designers and asked them to submit logos for our new look. As fate would have it, Eva Lye, still skating with CRG, designed our winning logo – again! The new logo features the outline of North Carolina, to resolve any doubt as to which state the Carolina Rollergirls hang their skates. Our new logo also reflects roller derby’s evolution over the last decade into today’s highly strategic and athletic game.

Be the first to get new merchandise with CRG’s new logo at our next bout, July 27th at Wheels in Durham! We hope you like it as much as we do, and wear it proudly as one of your favorite sports teams! Don’t worry, we will still carry our “classic” logo tee. Please help us continue to make the next ten years just as successful (if not more) as the first ten!

Contributed by Beth Row and Eva Lye

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