Open recruitment meeting on July 12th at Tir Na Nog at 6:30 PM. There will be a Question and answer section as well as watching footage of previous Carolina Rollergirl bouts.

Please RSVP at:

The Carolina Rollergirls will hold tryouts at our practice facility, the Skate Ranch of Raleigh.

We are happy to announce that girls 18 years old and up will now be allowed to tryout. We’re looking for girls that already have a solid basic skating foundation, so if it’s been a while, we recommend you strap some wheels to your feet and attend the open skate sessions ($5/hrs rink fee). There is no substitution for time on the rink!

We ask that you let us know you’re going to attend tryouts by sending an RSVP, and if you have any questions, just email us at Being a rollergirl is a lot of hard work, but it can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life!
Open CRG practices that are recommend:

Speed Practice:
Wed. & Fri. 6 – 7 pm

Skills Practice:
Saturdays 8 – 10 am
Normal rink fees apply, all protective gear is required for Skills Practices, helmet required for Speed Practices.

Protective gear that’s required:

* Pro-Tec knee and elbow pads
* Wristguards
* Helmet

Gear can be purchased locally at Vertical Urge and Play it Again Sports. Rental skates will be available at all events; however, if you are interested in purchasing skates, we recommend:
Rollergirl Skates, Sin City Skates, Connie’s Skate Place, and Low Price Skates.

There are limited pads on site for use, so email joinus@carolinarollergirls in order to double check your size and the quantity stored at the rink  before arriving at practice.

List of Skills:

Each recruit will be asked to complete the skills listed below. Points will be awarded based on skill level.

Basic Skills
* Forward skating
* Power stroking / glides
* One-foot glides
* Crossovers (in both directions)
* Backwards skating
* Mohawk / jump turns

* 20 laps
* 5 laps in 1m 40s
* Basic rules questionnaire

* Squats (two 30-second sets
in both directions)
* Stopping without toe stops
* Strength assessments while standing still

Extra Love Credit
* Last bout ticket stub
* Sports background
Don’t forget to RSVP by emailing if you plan on attending tryouts.

A final note: we take our training VERY seriously. Most skaters are on the rink at least 3 times a week, but commonly more. Potential skaters must be aware that our sport can be life consuming and attendance records are kept and monitored.

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  1. If your looking for some cheap new skates, Play it Again Sports at Crossroads in Cary have a handful of no-name skates in stock for folks to start skating with for $90.

    Call ahead to make sure they have your size in stock!


  2. Being a roller girl has been such a rewarding experience for me. And I feel if I can do this (nerdy art kid who took ballet and French in high school) anyone can!

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