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Carolina Rollergirls land some pretty big hits out on the track. Using your body as a weapon on wheels can definitely take its toll and the Carolina Rollergirls work hard to stay in shape, healthy and strong. Outten Chiropractic helps keep the ladies of CRG healthy and ready to go. A long time sponsor of Carolina, Dr. Outten has been the team chiropractor for five years. Not so long ago I had the chance to ask Dr. Outten some questions about how got involved with our league.

DB: What inspired you to treat women who participate in Carolina Roller Derby?
Dr. Outten: Years ago I had a patient who came in frequently and would be complaining about all different aches and pains, occasionally a bruise or two so I had to ask her what was going on in her life; her reply was “Well Dr. Outten, I’m a Carolina Roller Girl.”  She proceeded to tell me all about what it takes to be a roller girl and how often they practice and all about the bouts. She then told me how many of her team mates are in the same position as she was on a daily bases but may not be able to afford the care and not willing
to give up a sport they love. It takes a very special person to want to be a Rollergirl. I then was asked to come to a bout and I got meet the girls. Once I met all of them I thought, this is a great bunch of ladies and I wanted to help them in any way I could, they asked me if I would like to sponsor the Carolina Rollergirls. And that was how it all started. They are very appreciative of the care and I get to meet many of their friends and family members as patients from time to time. When my family and I get to attend a bout it is very rewarding to see the girls who come in to get adjusted regularly out there in the rink doing so well and the crowds recognize me from time to time and say “Thank you for keeping these girls skating Dr. Outten”. That is how it all began.

DB: What do you find most challenging about treating derby girls?
Dr. Outten: I would have to say that they don’t really have enough time between practices and bouts to give their bodies a rest, so sometimes I need to see them more often. Most of them respond very quickly after an adjustment.

DB: What do find most rewarding about treating them?
Dr. Outten: Sometimes a girl will come to the office for a treatment in a lot of pain. When I adjust them and they feel an immediate relief and give me a smile before they walk out of my office door and say “Thank you Dr. Outten, I feel like a new person already”. That is the most rewarding thing. They at that point are able to go back to doing what they love most, roller skating.

DB: Who is your favorite home team?
Dr. Outten: I would never pick a favorite, I like every team.
DB: Smart guy!

DB: How long have you been working with roller derby?
Dr. Outten: I have seen many of them over the past 7 years, but I have been the team chiropractor for about 5 years now. They are a very fun bunch of ladies and I enjoy talking with them about practice and bouts.

DB: Do you specialize in sports injuries?
Dr. Outten: Yes, I do treat a lot of different types of sports injuries. I have a very diversified practice. I have a post-graduate certification in Chiropractic Pediatrics so I see a lot of pregnant women and newborns and children up to 18 years of age. I love families. Nothing makes me happier than when a family comes in to my office to get their adjustments and they all leave feeling so much better and very happy. I also have an incredible piece of equipment in my office called the SPINEMED Spinal Decompression Machine. This is a
very specialized piece of equipment that helps very severe cases of disk problems. People can go to my Decompression website to see all about it.

DB: How do the Rollergirls help your practice?
Dr. Outten: The girls love the care they receive at our office. We give each girl exactly the type of treatment they need to keep their bodies healthy and moving properly so they can keep going in the rink. All we ask of them is that they share their chiropractic success stories with their family, friends and co-workers. There are so many people out there suffering from neck and back pain. They don’t always think about going to a chiropractor. The girls share their experiences from my office and we are able to help some many people get out of pain. People who would like to learn more about Chiropractic and our beautiful state of the art facility can go to our website.

Carolina Rollergirls appreciate Dr. Outten for taking such great care of us! If you’re new to chiropractic care here is brief synopsis… Chiropractic focuses on disorders of the musculoskeletal system (you know, bones and muscles) as well as the nervous system, and the related effects on a person’s general health. Chiropractors practice a drug-free, hands-on approach to health care. To learn more about how Chiropractic care can benefit you visit Dr. Outten!

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