Sometimes racing around a concrete track at dizzying speeds and slamming into our friends just isn’t enough for adrenaline junkie rollergirls.  We need something bigger and scarier- something like a 30 story building to step off of while all of Raleigh watches from below.  Conveniently for CRG that very opportunity has presented itself with the added bonus of raising money for an amazing organization, The Special Olympics of North Carolina.

On October 2 the first 80 participants who have raised $1000 will rappel off of the Wachovia Capitol Center Building in downtown Raleigh as part of the Over the Edge program to raise funds for the Special Olympics.  Three CRG skaters, Celia Fate, Trudy Struction, and Eris Discordia and one very brave CRG mascot, Evil Ed, have all signed up to take the plunge and they need help raising money.  Some participants have already raised the money, so the spots are going fast! Please visit their sites and give what you can:

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