Wow. The first thoughts that come to mind when I think about this weekends WFTDA Eastern Regionals are “Thank you.”

Thank you to all our fans for coming out and supporting us for long days of games which seemed to be uneven match ups, if you look at the scores for the weekend. Thank you to our amazing, amazing, AMAZING volunteers who ran this tournament like clock work and were a complete and total pleasure to work with. Thank you to all the visiting leagues for the energy and excitement you bring to derby, and the great skating from everyone at Wicked Wheels of the East.

But the biggest thank you has to go to Philly and Gotham for a championship bout that could challenge any bout as the most exciting roller derby game every played. Wow. I don’t think it matters who you were cheering for in that game. There wasn’t a weak skater on either team, and that was an amazing game that came down to the last jam. I can’t capture the excitement of that game here in this post, so I will refer you to Justice Feelgood Marshall’s game writeup for the breakdown, or advise you to purchase the DVD to watch this every night and appreciate. (Our page has not been updated with DVDs and tournament merch yet, but will be soon.)

Carolina came in #5 in the East, after a loss to Boston on the first night and wins over Dominion and Steel City on Saturday and Sunday. All bout DVDs will be available for purchase soon.

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  1. Wins over Dominion and Providence, not Steel City.

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