The Carolina Rollergirl All-Stars are headed to Baltimore this weekend for WFTDA’s East Region Playoffs. What does it take to get ready for playoffs after the team has put in the hours of hard work, dedication and training? Pink Slip shows us what the days leading up to the tournament are like for her.

It’s just two days before the tournament starts on Friday, September 16. I’m very excited and I think the rest of the All-Stars share my feelings. This afternoon my teammate, Sue Yu, sent her productivity graph for this week.

Even while we are at work, our brains are buzzing, going crazy thinking about how much awesome derby is going to happen for three days in a row. There is so much to coordinate and plan when traveling with about 20 people. All through the day I’ve been thinking about the preparations I need to make before I leave for Baltimore on Thursday.

First there is that very important stuff…the things I need to play derby.

I like to air out my skate pads after practice, but when you are at a tournament, often this luxury is not possible. Let me tell you, there is nothing like putting on pads that are still wet from the day before. I shudder at the thought.

It takes more than skates, pads and a mouth guard to play derby. There is the all-important uniform, special socks and other stuff that a skater must have for derby.

Something is missing there. The red shorts to go with the white jersey. Well, don’t worry, they are in the wash.

And you can’t put these things in any old luggage. During a derby travel weekend, a roller girl will be all over the place with her stuff. A six hour car ride, then a hotel, then to the venue, then off to run some crazy errand, maybe a taxi or a shuttle gets involved…airplanes, too. Don’t get me started on taking skates on a plane! A smart skater will pack light and in a way that will let her carry everything at once. I go with my tried and true trusty backpack. It’s been to Japan and back!

But the most important travel tool of all is good old Fanny Pack. Maybe you’re wondering why so many roller girls have taken a shining to these small belt-like bags. One reason is that most derby uniforms don’t have pockets. And roller girls are always on the move. They need things attached to them or they might lose them. Running through airport terminals, keeping track of all your teammates in a big venue and dancing after the game are all made easier when your stuff is attached and hands-free. It’s also conveniently located for access to your stuff. So far I’ve never lost in a fanny pack quick draw. For these reasons and more, while on the road, I have to convert my purse to something more hip-centric.

The truth is, we may never know what’s in Holly Wanna Crackya’s fanny pack, but I’ll show you what I carry.

Since this year we are able to drive to playoffs, Lady Smackbeth (aka Coach Kelly Hurd), my coach and roommate for the weekend, pointed out we can travel with food. The plan is to bring as much food as we can. Our hotel room is going to look like a grocery store, and it’s going to be awesome!

Here are just some of the groceries that will keep us fueled.

Just like I learned in my Girl Scout days, I’m prepared. The team is prepared. Let’s do this! Oh, two more days? Dang.

That’s right, the Carolina Rollergirls will be going head to head with the London Rollergirls Friday at noon. To watch all of the Eastern Regionals action, log on to for more information and details!

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