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If you’ve been to one of our bouts where super fan and mascot Pistol Pete has graced your presence, you know who we are talking about. He goes by many names and dons many outfits; unitards, scuba gear, bacon and silver paint as the Tin Man at Regionals last September. For many he is a man of mystery. He seems to appear out of no where with a personality that’s bigger than life and allows himself to be subjected to the fans’ whims.

Pete as "American bacon" during our Montreal game

The man with the big guns knows how to entertain CRG and our fans, but will soon make his national television debut this Sunday on the History Channel. Top Shot, a reality show about sharp shooters, starts with 16 contestants including local police, a wild west entertainer and our very own mascot!

Pistol Pete is not just alliterative name play. Pete is a marine reservist who formerly toured in Fallujah and has amassed an impressive collection of weaponry. He graduated second in his class from the Marine Corps Sniper School and during training successfully dropped a 500lb bomb on a tank. Needless to say, CRG is glad Pete’s on our side.

We wish Pistol Pete the best of luck and hope that his sharp wit and even sharper shooting make him Top Shot.

Mascots have got to stick together

Tune in this Sunday, June 6 to the History Channel at 10pm to check out the premiere of Top Shot and Pistol Pete.

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