While much of America was sleeping, watching college football or trying to finally finish that home improvement project they started six years ago, CRG and their biggest supporters were getting their happy on in Durham at the annual NC Pride parade.   Clouds loomed and rain was in the forecast but nothing could dampen our excitement to show everyone that CRG supports those who are the happiest among us.  The crowds lined the streets of Durham several happy people deep and they displayed their love of therollergirls, snapping photos with their happy cameras and celebrating our participation with their happy voices!  Here is just a sampling of the happiness that ensued…

Thanks to Holly Tucker (and Bucket) for our brand new t-shirt design! It made me happy.

The caped crusader (Eris Discordia) and the winged wonder (Fairy Brutal) getting their happy on!

Jesus on roller skates. Clearly, this makes Hot Mess Express happy!

Fresh meat Heather and Sarah are happy. I mean, who wouldn’t be? They get to play roller derby and skate in parades.

A shot of the whole happy group. Clearly, few of us read the memo that we were supposed to wear happy, rainbow colors! We sure do love our red and black!

In all seriousness, the NC pride parade is about celebrating everyone, regardless of whom they love.  Our society would be a much better place if we would stop trying to force everyone to be the same and accept people for who they are, whether straight, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgendered, or queer (or a rollergirl).  Love is love.

Contributed by Sue Yu.

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