Say Hello to the King and Queen of Roller Derby (Matt and Ailie)

Used with permission | Originally featured in Orange Theory Fitness’ September newsletter | check out Orange Theory Fitness here

  1. What made you come try out Orange Theory Fitness?
    We had actually been looking around for some time for a workout routine outside of roller derby to build strength, increase endurance, and to workout groups of muscles that we don’t typically use. We received an Orange Theory mailer one weekend, and decided to give it a try. With our busy practice schedules, we were afraid we’d only be able to attend once or twice a week – but after a few workouts we were hooked, and made OT a daily challenge.

  2. What do you enjoy most about the workout?
    The workouts change every day, so it’s a great way to get different mixes of exercises to keep the intensity high, and to keep your body from getting used to any one routine. It is directly applicable to a high intensity derby practice or two-hour game in that it helps you to find rhythms in your movement and teaches you to find rhythms in your breathing; especially through the hellish rowing. When we’ve played derby in the past, we relied on adrenaline (and intimidation) to push us through the game; now, we’re building endurance so we aren’t wasted after a tough bout.

  3. What are some of your aspirations (what are working toward)?
    Matt: I want to be able to continue eating tacos three times a week without looking like I eat tacos three times a week. Ailie: Ditto.

  4. Something unique about yourself that none of the other members know.
    We met in high school because both our parents were in the military, we then went on to the same University together and got married after graduating – The rest is history! Oh, and we love tacos. A LOT. We will burn for tacos. Do you have tacos? We also get asked a lot where we came up with our derby names. Ailie: “Fleur de Tease” – it’s a play off the French emblem, Fleur de Lis. Matt: “JuiceBox” – I’m oddly-shaped, full of sugar, and easily fit into a lunch box.

  5. What has Orange Theory Fitness Holly Springs done for you? What changes have you seen since becoming a member at our studio?
    We have definitely seen an improvement in both our derby game, but also our speed skating and long-distance endurance. We also now have a more positive outlook on running. We thought we’d be great at rowing right out of the gate, but now we have a love/hate relationship with rowing. We love challenges and being pushed to our limits and that’s what OT does for us. It gets us out of our comfort zone and our tough derby exterior and makes us more focused at being better athletes. 
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