Roller skating isn’t only about hip checks and lead jams, it’s a wonderful and exciting sport with many opportunities for everyone. The Carolina Rollergirls are proud to announce that two of our lovely trauma queens, Hot Mess Express and Sheeza Freak, will be coaching the Special Olympics of North Carolina Wake County team. Hot Mess and Sheeza will be taking their skills, love of the sport, and the little free time they have left after all our derby practices to share the skating joy with the impressive Wake County team.

The SONC Wake County team meets once a week at the Skate Ranch to practice the skills needed for the state wide competition. These skills include starts, sprints, circles, slalom, and distance skating. The competitions in eleven different speed skating events will be held in High Point the weekend of November 6th and 7th. Special Olympics of North Carolina is still in need of game day volunteers, so if you are interested, please contact them for more information.

We would like to congratulate the skaters representing our county – Brandon, Tamel, Richard, Michael, Derek, Rakeem and Zack. We know you’re going to make those skates look good!

Contributed by Kelly Marie Hurd

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  1. Hot Mess and Sheeza Freak have been awesome working with Wake SONC’s skaters. My son, Richard, is always so excited about coming to practice to see his teammates and CRG buddies. All of Wake’s skaters and their families have been blessed by the time, energy and knowledge Hot Mess and Sheeza Freak bring to the practices. The match race between Zach and Hot Mess was a hoot too. Personally, I can not thank Hot Mess, Sheeza Freak and CRG enough for supporting SONC.
    Dick J.
    (aka Richard’s Dad)

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