It was a beautiful sunny day on Saturday the 19th at Lonerider Brewery here in Raleigh, NC, the perfect setting for an outside event. Lonerider really made a difference by having a St. Baldrick’s event challenging folks to shave their heads and letting the sweet tastes of their crafted delights open up wallets for charity.

St. Baldrick’s, for those of you that don’t know, is a foundation that is known for being a volunteer driven charity and is committed to funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers. If your wallet was rusty due to the economy, it only took looking into a child’s eyes touched by this horrible disease to know that every penny counts.  So those tasty brews started flowing and so did the cash! Lonerider is known for fantastic craft beers boasting some of the best wheat beer I’ve ever had and I’m traditionally a pale ale girl, but you can’t deny Shotgun Betty on a hot day.  Likewise I’m in a love affair with their Peacemaker Pale Ale, but I’ve danced with Sweet Josie Brown a few times too! So that day was a HUGE success, Lonerider’s day count was an incredible $45,242 for St. Baldrick’s, and the money continues to come in for this cause through their efforts online.

Even folks like Sumit Vohra and Jackie Nelson, part of Lonerider’s home team, shaved their heads for top dollar!  And if you don’t know those names you can get cool descriptions of what they do for the brewery online:

I was happy to pose with Sumit, prior to him taking the chair to have his own hair shaved off for the cause!

Jackie Nelson’s “after” look, and a fine one at that.  Hats off to Jackie…no pun intended, for raising over $2,000 for just her hair, and well a little off each eyebrow.  I couldn’t help but contribute to that!!

I don’t know a single one of us that weren’t truly touched by the efforts of the shavees and the stories of the children who continue their courageous fights.  What an amazing event to be involved with. We ended up becoming touched by a 12 year old boy named Michael, who was there to shave his head for his Grandfather’s sake.  Michael’s grandfather is going through chemo now and fighting his own personal battle so Michael decided this was the right time to show his family he could be supportive too. Twelve years old!!

Thank you to Allen Taylor for this photo

Now it wouldn’t be our kind of blog post without stories told through our great photographer, Joshua Craig. He and his wife even got to come out for this wonderful afternoon and enjoy some time with us! So thanks to him we can share what was an incredible day for all, supporting a fantastic cause, partnering with some truly amazing folks, and indulging in the most delightful local beer we’ve ever had!

Mad love to my girls Kitty, DVS, Su Yu, Slide, Cronick, Slick, Maddat and some our newest additions to the league, Dot, Cinista, EmForcer and Shae D, for participating and thanks to Lonerider for a great event!!

Contributed by Mallory Knocks

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  1. Way to support a great cause!

  2. Edward Kensicki March 28, 2011 at 11:08 am · ·

    Well done ladies, and big kudos to Lonerider for such a successful event.

    • Thanks Ed! And thanks for giving us all the cool merch that we got to toss into the crowd. SO MUCH fun!

  3. Way to go girls!! You are great contribution to non-profits, as well as the sports and entertainment industry!!

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