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Fresh Meat
Dot Bomber#301

Skate: Reidell 595 Redlines with Avenger plates.

Cross Training: Sleeping. Raleigh APC, Yoga, Running when I have time.

Debut: Trauma Queens vs Debs June 11, 2011

Joined CRG: January 2011

Teams You’ve Played For: Carolina All Stars, Carolina Bootleggers, Durham Crash, Trauma Queens

Favorite Location: Dorton Arena

Favorite Surface: Concrete

How did you find derby?: Condolezza Slice of the DC Rollergirls was my college roommate; she told me I needed to get involved in derby ASAP and invited me to watch a practice. I wish I could say it was love at first sight, but it wasn’t. Before I fell in love with playing derby I was fascinated by the players, their dedication, strength and relationships. I wanted to be a part of that. I can’t imagine not skating anymore. It just got under my skin and I have so much respect for these women. Derby girls, women, are so much more than meets the eye.

Sports Background: I did competitive gymnastics growing up, ran many, many miles in my 20s and have done yoga for years.

Best Fresh Meat Moment: Geez, there are lot, but when I first started scrimmaging I came out of the box and hit Roxy Rockett just hard enough for my jammer to get by. I was so proud of myself because Rockett is really hard to move.

Favorite Derby Memory: Finding out I was a Trauma Queen as Fresh Meat.

Likes: Shoes, hard work, laughter, Seltzer water, things that sparkle, my awesome dog, taunting Ava Gore with weeping angels.

Dislikes: Laziness, excuses, ant bites, uncalled high blocks, intrusive advertising that impedes my view of whatever I’m looking at or watching, bad drivers.

Derby Heroes: Any skater under 5 feet tall. DVS, Hauss The Boss, Bricktator, Ewan Wotarmy.

Name Inspiration: I work in the internet. Dot Bomber was supposed to be a play on “dot commer” but as it turns out I’m really kind of a tiny explosive.

Food Before a Bout: The biggest Starbucks frappucino with expresso. PB&J; or Lily’s Pizza. Cooking is not my strength.

If you could have any super power, what would it be? Herding cats.

Ginger Clobbers#86

Joined CRG: July 2009

Teams You’ve Played For: Carolina All-Stars, Carolina Bootleggers, Trauma Queens, Debutante Brawlers.

Favorite Location: Dorton Arena.

Favorite Surface: Concrete

Skate: Reidell 295s, Avenger plates, Juice wheels, Roll-line toe stops.

Cross Training: The Ballet Burn, speed skating, Athlete’s Performance training, elliptical machine, yoga, strength training.

Debut: Caroina Bootleggers vs Dixie Derby Girls, November 2009.

How did you find derby?: I was first introduced by my good friend Ky Pothesis, who invited me to a Trauma Queens vs. Chitahs game in 2008. I toyed with the idea of trying out. But it wasn’t until I reconnected with my old friend from figure skating, Kelly Hurd (she told me I’d love derby!) that I finally made the decision to try out in July of 2009. And she was right, I am hooked.

Sports Background: Figure skating – ice (I started skating at the age of 4, was a competitive skater for many years), track and cross country, many years of dance.

Best Fresh Meat Moment: I wore thin tights to my level one assessments. When I did my first baseball slide on the wooden floor of the Skate Ranch, the tights ripped and the sound of my bare skin sliding on the wood echoed in the rink. I ended up with a terrible case of rink rash (I still have a faint scar), and it was a valuable lesson to properly cover my legs while skating.

Favorite Derby Memory: My first All-Star game was pretty memorable. I had just made the 20-person interleague roster, so I was incredibly excited to make the All-Star 14-person roster vs DC (2011 home game) as an alternate. A skater was unable to play so I got moved up. I went into the game fully expecting to ride the bench (and was happy to do it!). During the first half Coach Kelly Hurd handed me the jammer star, and I went out there and actually scored points on DC! I jammed several times that game and did pretty well for a rookie. And we won the game! It motivated me to stay on the All-Star 14, and I worked hard to make that happen.

Likes: My family, my pets, my friends, good wine, cooking, eating, knitting, reading, science, music, zombie movies, sci-fi, sushi, cheesecake, chocolate, shoes, funny animal pictures, seeing people succeed through hard work and determination, drinking with my teammates, relays at speed practice, a good nights sleep, laughing so hard I cry, crazy all-star email threads, the very rare Saturday afternoons I can spend on the sofa watching tv/movies, the smell of bacon in the morning, and sarcasm.

Dislikes: Spiders, cheap (meaning bad but not necessarily inexpensive) wine, processed foods, sunburns, headaches, knee pads that slide down, whining, people who make excuses instead of improvements, laziness, lying, stepping in cat vomit when I get up in the morning, people who don’t pick up after their dog, people who mistreat animals (hate them), and insomnia.

Derby Heroes: Scald Eagle, Kamikaze Kitten, Jackie Daniels, Varla Vendetta, Smarty Pants, Demanda Riot, I.M. Pain, Claire D. Way, and Shenita Stretcher.

Name Inspiration: It took me forever to come up with a name that wasn’t taken. I wanted a name that referred to my red hair, so Ginger made sense. I played around with different combinations. I finally went with Ginger Clobbers, vaguely based on Ginger Rogers.

Food Before a Bout: Nuts, fruit, sweet potato, and chicken.

Crank Dat#21

Joined CRG: July 2015

Teams You’ve Played For: Yellow Rose Derby Girls

Fanny Pack-A-Punch#750

Joined CRG: April 2014

Teams You’ve Played For: Carolina All-Stars, Carolina Bootleggers, Durham Crash

Favorite Location: CRG Warehouse

Favorite Surface: Concrete

Skate: Riedell She-Devils with Powerdine plates and low boy wheels

Cross Training: Running, yoga, Stroller Strides (mommy and me workout class)

Debut: Carolina Bootleggers vs Greensboro September 2014

How did you find derby?: I went to a bout a couple of years ago and wanted to do it, but was working 2 jobs and was too busy. Flash forward- my husband and I were at Beer Fest and CRG had a booth. They were holding tryouts that week. I had recently become a stay-at-home mom and would finally have time to play derby. I made tryouts and the rest is history!

Sports Background: High school Track and Field, Cross Country, Soccer

Name Inspiration: On my way to practice, a guy wearing a fanny pack ran in front of my car. I was trying to think of a derby name at the time so I took it as a sign that I needed to incorporate “fanny pack” in my name. Also, did I mention it gives me an excuse to wear a fanny pack?! ūüėČ

Mako Gory#34

Birthday: September 29

Height: 5’7″

Skate: Reidell 265s with Crazy Venus plates

Debut: Carolina Bootleggers vs. Charlotte B-Dazzlers, March 2015

Teams You’ve Played For:¬†Carolina Bootleggers, Durham Crash

Favorite Location: Dorton Arena

Favorite Surface: Concrete

How did you find derby?:¬†I went to watch a bout at Dorton in November 2013! I don’t remember how I found out about it, but once I was there I just thought, “Wow, this is so cool… *I* want to try.” So I just showed up at an open practice! So far, so good.

Sports Background: None, really РI played soccer and softball as a child, but mostly I was very inactive, right up until derby.

Best Fresh Meat Moment:¬†It took me 4 or 5 tries to pass my level one assessments. But that beautiful moment when it FINALLY happened after all that hard work… so amazing.

Likes: Positivity and encouragement, hip checking your friends, beer

Dislikes: Smelly derby pads, cold weather, giving up

Name Inspiration:¬†It’s a reference to the movie Pacific Rim; Mako Mori is the best and I love her. (So really it’s mah-ko, but I’m not bothered if you want to pronounce it like the shark. That’s cool too.)

If you could have any super power, what would it be?: Telekinesis!


Mayhem West#412
Fleur de Tease#55
Millennial Falcon#77
Paina Skully#1013
Steph Infection#17

Joined CRG: October 2014

Teams You’ve Played For: Carolina Bootleggers, Raleigh Ruckus

Favorite Surface: Concrete!

Skate: Reidell Blue Streaks

How did you find derby?: My obsession with derby began in September of 2013. There was a bout at Dorton Arena. It.was.amazing! My husband told me I should try it out, but I was hesitant. I hadn’t skated in years and had no idea how to play the game. It took me a year to finally get the courage to come to an open practice. I haven’t looked back since!

Best Fresh Meat Moment: When I finally passed my 27/5!

Favorite Derby Memory: My first bout at Dorton Arena. I was jamming and I was super nervous. Scaristotle paved the way for me and herded a whole wall of blockers to the outside of the track. I made my move, became lead jammer and scored the first points for the Bootleggers.

Likes: Dogs, Comfy Pants, Cupcakes, and Coffee.

Derby Heroes: Roxy Rockett, Scaristotle, Fleur de Tease, Ava Gore, Dot Bomber, and Bonnie Thunders.

Name Inspiration: I can’t take credit for my name ūüôā My husband came up with it.

Food Before a Bout: Carbs.

Bone Breaker#034
Code Monkey#404
Billie Brawliday#1954

Birthday: February 20: You can send presents to my PO Box (:
Height: Brick House!
Weight: Chocolate Thunder and proud of it baby!
Awards:¬†“The Sassiest Hawk”, “Player With The Goofiest Faces”, “CRG Token Mixed Girl”.

Shae D. Character#14

Joined CRG: January 2011, made it stick January 2012

Teams You’ve Played For: Carolina Bootleggers, Durham Crash, Debutante Brawlers

Skate: Reidell Blue Streaks with Atom Strokers

Likes: A good bruise, doodling, car dancing, hammocks, sarcasm, fireworks, making up words, your mama jokes

Dislikes: People that chew loudly, being cold, jokes that aren’t about your mama

Derby Heroes: I hope I can be half as cool as Minnie Mauser when I grow up

Name Inspiration: I wanted a name that I could also use in case I got recruited to join Carmen San Diego’s gang.

If you could have any super power, what would it be? Freeze time so that I could make it places on time! Hey, that might be pretty useful on the track too…

Awesome Sauce#24
Doomsday Addams#1313

Joined CRG: July 2015

Skate: Ridell Carrera Speed Skates

Birthday: December 13

Cross Training: Running, Rock Climbing

Favorite Surface: Concrete

How did you find derby?: I was looking for a new activity to join where I could meet new people and get a good workout. I had originally found out about CRG when I first went to college but was under the age limit so didn’t tryout. Five years later I was on meetup looking for some groups to join and found CRG again, I decided it would be great to try it out. I came to practice and loved it. The other skaters were so welcoming and helpful. It definitely helped me decide this was the sport for me.

Sports Background: Track, Rock Climbing, High Jump

Best Fresh Meat Moment: The best fresh meat moment that I can remember is when I went through my first tryouts. I remember skating pretty fast so that I could do a toe stop and completely falling on my butt. The great thing was when I fell all the other skaters told me it was great fall and pushed me to get back up and keep going. It really motivated me to get my butt up and try again.

Favorite Derby Memory:  My favorite derby memory was seeing my first bout, watching it made me so excited. Seeing how awesome everyone played motivated me to want to get better.

Likes: Baking, Horror Movies, Anime, Latin Dancing, Rock Climbing, Wine, Harry Potter

Dislikes: Pink things, Carrots, Celery, and Romance Movies

Name Inspiration: Love Wednesday Addams sense of humor and style.

Food Before a Bout: Smoothie

If you could have any super power, what would it be? Commanding Animal Armies!

Winona Rampage#502

Joined CRG: April 2015

Skate: Ridell She-Devils

Cross Training: yoga addict!

Debut: 2011

Teams You’ve Played For:¬†Anti-hero Derby Alliance, Blood on Wheels

Favorite Location:¬†Morgan Creek Park….errrr pretty much any hill in Chapel Hill

How did you find derby?:¬† docs gave me a blister @ goth night & I had to bum a ride from 3 new friends…1 of whom was dating a DCRG…he invited me to open sk8 & I promptly sprained my wrist…New friends took me out to buy gear @ BESS (hey Marzi Pain!) & I was hooked after first practice ūüôā No matter what life throws at u, u can always Skate It Out!!!

Sports Background: ex-Ballerina/band geek

Favorite Derby Memory:¬†Rollin up at the NJ Renegades bout (9/2011) blasting Where Eagles Dare !!! Ambulance in a church parking lot full of strangers-Check! Covered in fake blood spat by Razor de Rockefeller–yes! idk how family friendly this is but its the most fun thing ive ever done (sober) as an adult ūüôā

Likes: skating, festivals, vacations, my family

Derby Heroes: Lenore Gore, Xena the Badass

Name Inspiration:¬†picture it: Turkey day, 2010. Dad & i discussing name ideas…told him something to pay tribute to his catching “Criminal minds” type-people profession. ..always liked W.Ryder’s movies…words just fell out ūüôā

Food Before A Bout: Grilled cheese!

If you could have any super power, what would it be?: to be invisible on demand!

Crash Catch’Em#151

Joined CRG: May 2016

Skates: Riedell Blue Streaks

Birthday: December 28

Cross Training: Yoga, “Just Dance” marathons on the PlayStation

Favorite Surface: Wood

Sports Background: I was never very into organized sports, but as a kid I loved climbing trees and jumping in bouncy castles and skating at roller rinks.

Likes: Bookstores, David Tennant, JavaScript, approaching life with a childlike sense of wonder, absurdity

Dislikes: the Ben Stiller movie “Duplex”

Name Inspiration: Ash Ketchum – he’s the underdog, but bravely and creatively faces challenges no matter the odds!

Derby Heroes: Lexi Lightspeed, Punch

Food Before a Bout: I like getting a vegan Chipotle burrito for lunch

If you could have any super power, what would it be? Can I have a super object instead? I want the Doctor’s psychic paper.

Feisty Fräulein#269
Buffy Shovers#96
Tripsy Hazzard#311
Pistol Crystal#45
Tyrannosaurus Hex#67
Paige Conflict#409
Tinker Hell

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