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Carolina All-Stars

The Carolina All-Stars are the top 16-20 skaters within the Carolina Rollegirls. These players make up the WFTDA team roster and compete in sanctioned interleague bouts. The outcome of these bouts are used to calculate WFTDA rankings. The All-Stars play teams from around the globe in both home and away games.

Dot Bomber 301

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Carolina Bootleggers

The Carolina Bootleggers, also known as “The Boots,” are the B team of the Carolina Rollergirls. The Boots compete against other teams from around the country. Bootlegger games offer inter-league competition for the skaters who are not on the current WFTDA All-Star roster. Bootlegger games are just as competitive as an All-Star game and many of these ladies eventually move on to play with the Carolina All-Stars.

More skater photos coming soon!

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