I can never put into words the amazing teamwork of the Carolina Bootleggers, or the sheer ridiculousness of Montreal’s neon uniforms. You’ll just have to watch it for yourself.

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The Carolina Bootleggers earned a narrow 82-78 victory over Dominion’s All-Stripes. Dominion jammers The Ruffian and rookie skater Smokin’ Ices burned some tracks down in Dorton Arena with their fast laps, but Carolina’s offensive blocking worked to free our jammers from the pack and put the pressure on Dominion. Veteran Carolina skater Maddat U was awarded the team Brute Boot for her impressively aggressive play and Lady Smackbeth took home the Brains Boot for smart play on the track. Our Bootlegger MVP of the night was, without a doubt, Elektra Q. Tion, who brought home the golden boot for the first (but certainly not the last) time.

In our headlining bout, the Carolina All-Stars were blinded by the neon stretch pants of Montreal’s New Skids on the Block. Montreal dominated with strong defensive blocking, and held the Carolina jammers in the pack. Perhaps the beautiful rendition of O Canada, sung by Michael Hanbury, gave them too much inspiration.

Carolina will be looking for a rematch against the color palatte challenged Canadians this September at Eastern Regionals. Sunglasses with UV protection will be distributed to all fans to help protect them when looking at the opponents’ uniforms.

This Saturday, our Carolina All-Stars will be traveling to Dominion to play their All-Star team. Dominion will be looking for a win after the four point loss this past weekend at Dorton. Come cheer us on to victory at the Breakaway Skating Center in Portsmouth, VA!

Contributed by Lady Smackbeth

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