The interest in roller derby is continuously peaking in the triangle as 19 ladies flocked to the Skate Ranch of Raleigh on Saturday morning at 8 am for the Carolina Rollergirls try outs .
This is the biggest turn out in CRG history of holding try outs. Thank you to all the ladies that showed up and gave it their all.

In fact, so many ladies showed such potential that Carolina is going to be holding try-outs in October, rather than December, to give these girls less wait time before their next opportunity.
If you were present last Saturday, then you already know that October is just a few weeks away and starting your training now will better ensure your acceptance on the league. That means: get to speed practice and stay for open skate! Grab a CRG skater and ask for help!

Kitty Crowbar, who was  one of the assessors for try-outs, stated the following skills as some of the hardest for try out girls to pass on a group level :
squats and leg strength, turning from forward to backwards and basic backward skating. Just a reminder, here are the skills being assessed at try-outs (aka: CHEAT SHEET!!!)

Basic Skills
* Forward skating
* Power stroking / glides
* One-foot glides
* Crossovers (in both directions)
* Backwards skating
* Mohawk / jump turns

* 20 laps
* 5 laps in 1m 40s
* Basic rules questionnaire

* Squats (two 30-second sets
in both directions)
* Stopping without toe stops
* Strength assessments while standing still

Kitty also said that CRG is “very excited at the prospect of even more great skaters joining our forces in October.  There is clearly a lot of potential in the those that showed up and all the skater on this league be there to help out however we can!”

Out of  the 19 girls that attempted try outs, 6 are now official members of the league.

Here are the next generation of Carolina Rollergirls:

Jessica, Angela, Holly and Jen.


(not pictured- Joanna and Jesse)

On another very important note:

It needs to be mentioned that from our last wave of try-outs (back on January 31st), 2 of the 6 skaters that made it through are now official roster members of the Bootleggers!

Congrats to Elektra Q-tion and Ballista Blockheart, who played their first game last Sunday night against the Dominion Derby Girls!Elektra and Balls

These ladies have been working their butts off at practice with amazing attendance and determination. Carolina is lucky to have such devoted newbies.

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