You know the Carolina Rollergirls work hard on the track, but did you know we work hard for our community as well? Recently Lillian Axe, Razzbury Beretta, Reckless, Scaristotle and Dot Bomber got together to pick up trash along the American Tobacco Trail in Durham. Many CRG skaters use the trail for cardio and endurance training, so it’s a cause that is near and dear to our hearts. “The trail is such a great place for outdoor endurance training, it’s a shame to see it get cluttered with trash”, says Bootlegger, Scaristotle.  Armed with trash bags and gloves we set out with the mission to make the trail a clean and pleasant place for all to enjoy.

Some of the ladies from CRG giving back to the trail that has given them some great workouts!


Along the way we got to talk to several cyclists using the trail, a guy walking his dogs and woman tending her garden.  “People we meet on the trail are always so nice and appreciative that we’re out here keeping things clean; it’s really gratifying to come out do this” says Razzbury Beretta. All in all we collected about 30lbs of trash and debris in a four mile walk. After working up a sweat, several skaters went to Tyler’s Taproom, Durham location, for delicious meal and tasty beer.

Lilian Axe telling trash where it's not welcome!


 Carolina Rollergirls, tough on the track and on trash.


Contributed by Pretty Reckless.



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