But with roller derby, it’s more fun to come buy tickets and watch! Our next bout is this Sunday, April 18th at Dorton Arena. Doors open at 5:30pm. The Carolina Bootleggers take on the Dominion All-Stripes at 6pm, and will be welcoming rookie skaters Slick N Twisted, Lillian Axe, and Grave Robyn to our roster. The Carolina All Stars will show you how challenging international roller derby can be by hosting the Montreal New Skids on the Block in the 7:30pm headlining bout.

And now for something completely silly…

The Top Ten Reasons Joining Roller Derby is like a New Relationship

1. You shave your legs and pick out a cute new outfit for every practice.

2. It’s all you can talk about and you tell your friends about every conversation.

3. You start spending too much money going out, you’re never at home, and you stay out too late.

4. You over analyze everything.

5. You get really nervous before every practice or event.

6. You check your email constantly and stalk your teammates on facebook.

7. There is frequently a walk of shame… only it’s because you haven’t washed your gear in a while.

8. You immediately have a whole new set of people – new names to learn, relationships to understand, baggage to deal with, and events to fill your calendar.

9. You abandon your friends and they never hear from you anymore.

10. You buy a lot of new makeup and party outfits.

Ready to join this amazing group of athletes here in the Triangle? Our next tryout date is Saturday, June 5th at 8am! Please email joinus@carolinarollergirls.com to RSVP, and for more information.

Contributed by Lady Smackbeth

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  1. Erna Beatin April 13, 2010 at 2:45 am · ·

    OMG Hot Mess is adorable and I see how she got her derby name.

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