Saturday at Dorton Arena was a day we will never forget. What was supposed to be a CRG doubleheader quickly became an evacuation to the basement of Dorton where we lined the halls with our 1200 closest friends as tornadoes tore through the city.

Photo stolen from Shae D Character

Photo stolen from Shae D Character

When the weather cleared, skaters, refs, volunteers, and fans filed back up the (flooded) stairs to watch the highly anticipated All Star bout against the number one ranked bank track league in the country, the San Diego Derby Dolls Wildfires. CRG built on the momentum from Dust Devil with their amazing teamwork and further proved that they aren’t a team to be taken lightly by handing San Diego a 77-74 loss. Congratulations to our All Stars on an incredible win and on being smart, strong, and amazing in the face of a very stressful day.

Thanks as always to the wonderful Joshua Craig for documenting all the excitement on and off the track- you can check out the rest of his pics from Saturday here.

The home team bout that was supposed to take place between the Debutante Brawlers and the Tai Chi-tahs (weren’t those first 4 jams great? you can check out a few Joshua Craig pics here) is being rescheduled and we will let you know the details as soon as they are sorted out.

We want to thank our awesome fans who waited out the storm with us and remained calm through what could have been a total disaster- next time we have a tornado party (which we hope is never), you guys are all invited! Extra special thanks to Collision Men’s Derby who answered a call to help us get set up before the bout and scooped water out of our venue afterwards.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims of the storms in our area and around the country.

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  1. I think I see some future roller girls in that last shot.

  2. MAN!!! I was suppose to be there but I had a wedding to go to… Why couldnt I get locked in with all of you?!?!!

  3. Here’s a news story that was posted on DNN where a Wildfire skater called in to talk about the tornado!

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