After CRG’s big win at Dorton Arena on March 7th, CRG’s All-Stars and Bootleggers are excited to take on some new opponents on the road.  There are several away games scheduled for the 2015 season, in which our fierce travel teams plan to bring our special brand of North Carolina derby devastation!

Salisbury Roller Girls

First up is a double header on April 18th in Salisbury, MD where the Bootleggers kick it off by challenging the Salisbury Wicomikazes. Immediately following the Boots game, the CRG All-Stars (Current Ranking: 100) battle it out against the Salisbury All-Stars (Current Ranking: 106).  The very next day, CRG’s All-Stars will be taking the track again to play the Dutchland All-Stars (Current Ranking: 113) to determine who will reign supreme!


The epic derby awesomeness will continue on May 2nd and 3rd as the CRG All-Stars travel to Grandville, MI to play the Grand Raggidy All-Stars (Current Ranking: 58) and the Lansing Derby Vixens (Current Ranking: 103) in two back-to-back days of derby action!

Finally, the Bootleggers and the CRG All-Stars will be travelling across the state to Asheville, NC for a double header where the Bootleggers will play the Blue Ridge French Broads and the CRG All-Stars will take on the Blue Ridge All-Stars (Current Ranking: 56) in an epic brawl for the title of best in NC!

Stay tuned to our webpage to get updates on how we fair against derby teams all over the country! Even though we will be playing on our opponent’s turf, it will always be OUR HOUSE! WHO ARE WE? CRG!!!

– Contributed by Slim Skatey

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