In the next couple months, there are several opportunities to come out and support the Carolina Rollergirls and our friends.

On September 27th, please come down to the NC State Fairgrounds to support our friend Matthew Baldwin. Matthew is a four year old boy who lost his leg in a lawnmower accident accident. The Carolina Rollergirls will be there to show support for Matthew and help with the silent auction. This event runs from 11am to 7pm and will be a family friendly affair, with live music and food.

The Carolina Rollergirls are the number two seed in the Eastern Regional Tournament in Madison, WI! Eastern Regionals are in three weeks, and CRG needs help to get there. Come down to Sadlack’s Heroes (2116 Hillsborough Street) on Sunday, October 5th anytime between 3:30-8:30pm to hang out with the Carolina Rollergirls, eat some delicious foods, and enjoy some live music. Our All-Stars need travel funds to go show up the rest of the nation, and if the team has to skate up there because they can’t get plane tickets, they won’t have any energy left to put the other leagues in their place (behind us!) There is a suggested donation of $5 a plate, but of course, feel free to be more generous for your hardworking local athletes.

And last but certainly not least, go ahead and purchase your tickets for the Carolina Charity Double Header on Saturday, November 22nd. You don’t want to be stuck waiting behind hundreds of fans in the chilly November night air. This will be an action packed evening with two bouts that benefits two local charities. To start off the night, the Carolina Bootleggers will get their rematch against the Philly Independence Dolls. The Bootleggers’ debut was a loss against the Dolls on August 9th, and our Bootleggers will be eager for a win. After that bout, the Carolina All-Stars will take on the Atlanta All-Stars for a second round of action. This is a chance to see both the Carolina Rollergirls interleague teams play for the price of a regular game ticket, AND it’s for charity. I don’t really see how you could say no, Ebeneezer.

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