The Carolina All-Stars have headed North to the East Coast Derby Extravaganza held in Philadelphia this weekend. Today they will be taking on #9 ranked Boston at 5pm, and tomorrow they will battle #14 Detroit at 6:30pm. Both games will be streamed live online through Derby News Network.

Now that you have the basics, lets discuss your role as a viewer.

1. Your favorite skaters can hear you when you yell at the screen. If you think they can’t, yell louder.

2. Watching your favorite team (Carolina Rollergirls) increases their chance of success.

3. If you change where you are sitting mid jam and the other team scores points (boo0), you need to go back to where you were sitting before.

4. If CRG gets into any kind of trouble, try standing or put on a different shirt. Maybe it’s you.

5. If our jammer goes to the box, do 30 pushups to get her back out. Do them fast.

Go Carolina Rollergirls! And hooray for weekend long live derby action!

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  1. Well that was indeed a thrilling victory vs Boston — way to hold it down for the 919!

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