In need of a last minute gift idea for Valentine’s Day? Have no fear, these tokens of your affection are good for every day, not just the made up commercial holidays.

With five practices a week plus cross training, your lady has tip top endurance. However, even the fastest skater in speed line likes that extra burst for the jammer whistle in the second half. Chances are that she’s experimenting with alternative diet methods to be one with her body, and isn’t interested in chocolate covered “this is not what a caveman would eat” treats. Instead of a valentine heart of candy, fill it with her favorite flavors of goo! ( She’ll be thinking of you as she sucks down that berry flavored energy gel on the bench.

Your love may fill her in many ways, but it’s not going to keep a top athlete hydrated. No one likes to rush over to the water fountain during practice, and water bottles often get mixed up. Get her a gift that she’ll use every day and make it special by customizing it just for her. You could spruce it up with some of her favorite romantic quotes, such as “No pain, no gain!” or “Pain is temporary, pride is forever” or her team’s pre-game chant. You could also decoupage the bottle with stickers commemorating the teams she has defeated so she can carry her victories with her everywhere.

New helmet or helmet lining pads – because you love her for her mind, not her body.

Lots of couples enjoy the benefits of massage. Maybe you’d want to buy her a spa package for a day, but that relaxation will be wiped away the next time she laces up. The (Pain) Stick  comes in valentines colors (red and white) and is the massage that keeps on giving. Every time she rolls that over her IT band tendinitis or contusion will bring tears to her eyes.

Jewelry is the perfect gift for any occasion, especially on the day of romance. But rollergirls aren’t exactly knows for their gentle, girlish taste when it comes to fashion. Let her show off the true bling in her life by getting her a bearing necklace, or a pendant with her derby name and number engraved. You can check out the best accessories at Derbylicious.

Taking your lady out for dinner on this special night is to be expected, so show her you really care about her, and her league, by supporting one of the league’s sponsors with your patronage. She’ll know that you know what is important in life, and the sponsor will continue to show their support for this grassroots sport.

Every part of her body is perfect, but stuffing your feet in skates and going through hours of endurance can take a toll. We know you love every callus and blood blister, but a hydrating pedicure would be a wonderful way to give her feet a well earned pampering session.

You want to protect that beautiful, bruise-colored skin. There isn’t always time with five practices a week to get in all the pad washing that everyone would hope for. Put a red bow on some anti-microbial Febreeze, telling her that you’d rather have her spending her precious free minutes with you, not washing and drying out her pads every night. Nothing says romance like not having a rash (or anti-fungal cream — that stuff is expensive).

You’d like to think you’re the only thing that rocks her world, but getting nailed on an illegal back block can really get a girl out of whack. Preventative and corrective care is the key to a long derby career, and sometimes it takes more than your occasional shoulder rubs to straighten her out again. Send her over for a chiropractic consultation with Dr. Outten (  to get her ribs and spine back into place, so she’s always ready for winning the next game with her team and the after party with you.

Contributed by Kelly Hurd

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